What Is The Theme Of Cool Blue Car By Alan Resnick

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Cool Blue Car Confusion is an emotion that evolves typically into two emotions: fear and anger. Throughout many of Alan Resnick's scripts, the element of confusion is used as a tool to provoke the watcher into reflecting on what the piece means. Some of his works have a clear underlying message, others seem to have been made just for the fun of it. When describing himself, Alan writes “Alan Resnick is a visual artist and director. People say he is small like a tiny little baby, but that’s not true.” (Resnick, https://alanresnick.info/) This showcases the unusual persona he takes on in his writing and directing. In one of Alan’s most recent works, he uses dialogue as the key to finding any deeper meaning to his chaos. Through just the dialogue of “Cool Blue Car,” we are able to identify the value and fate of two strangers. Alan begins this story in the middle of a desert. There we see a montage of a man washing his cool blue car …show more content…

What was Resnick's purpose in writing this and what message was he trying to convey to his audience? In many of his works, he highlights this idea of home and the safety connected to it. I believe the same can be said in this short. The car owner’s safe space isn’t his house or even found his own mentality, he feels safe when he is with his cool blue car. The polaroid scene helps cement this concept, along with when music is playing. Every time he is alone with his car, ‘cool’ music plays and drowns out any other noise. This could be symbolism that when he is spending time upkeeping his car, he is drowning out all contact with the outside world and his inner self. Thinking of the car as a symbol of the owner himself helps describe the importance of the key, and why he did not inform her he lost the key earlier in the day. He is unable to open himself, this is something he is aware of and a source of his confidence issues. The endless apologies are not to the woman specifically but to him, his family, and his

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