What Is Thoreau's View Of Communication Technology

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In Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, Thoreau talks about his opinions on communications technology at the time and how he does not believe that it is good for people. Throughout the entire reading Thoreau talks about how people need to keep simple and how communications technologies are no exception to him. However, communications technologies of the times were steps forward in connecting people in ways that would not be possible otherwise. Thoreau talks about how he believes communications technology such as the post office and newspaper are unimportant and unmemorable. He believes that if we read of one unfortunate thing in a newspaper or letter then we do not ever need to read another ever, that news is just boring gossip and there is nothing …show more content…

Newspapers often have additional information on local events that is not often seen elsewhere. There are numerous people that may not even have access to things like television or the internet to learn about news without the newspaper anyway, therefore, these newspapers are vital for them if they have any desire to learn about what is going on in the world around them. Though some may call the news depressing or scary it cannot just be ignored. Plus newspapers do have things like job listings that people need to be able to access. On the other hand, the postal system is important for the fact that it can connect people from all over in so many different ways. Though it is not as important for letters and such in our country these days it was and still is valuable for those wishing to reconnect with friends and family from distant places. Additionally, without the postal system packages and such that today’s society heavily relies on would not be able to be delivered. Such was the case in Thorueau’s day as well, otherwise goods may not have have always been able to be bought from places they could not be produced

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