How Is Henry David Thoreau Still Relevant Today

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We have little time on earth and it goes by so fast, Living a good life doesn 't have to be measured on how long you live, but what you do during the time you 're on earth fulfilling your dreams, hopes, and self-meaning accomplishments. Henry David Thoreau once stated “ most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them “.His quote is relevant, it can be said he based it on his era, yet it still applies to today 's day in age. These are people who will never really understand themselves until it’s too late and untill they come to an end in their lives. People don 't stand up to a cause until it 's too late. Robert Gould Shaw was an American soldier and the first to command an all-African American regiment. during this time in society, discrimination was huge. What Robert was doing was unbelievable at that time and during situations he also saw them as untouchables yet it took the attack on Fort Wagner for Robert to awaken and see these soldiers as equalities willing to fight for this country. Robert never got the chance to express what happen that day to the public, but he took it to his grave and died in battle. Surprisingly word spread of their bravery and congress allowed men of color to fight, it is …show more content…

Now i do acknowledge the fact that some people voice their opinion of racism or gender equality, but in most cases these people are celebrities and aren 't affected as much as a common person around you, some use to the criticism that it does not affect them as people who don 't want to be the odd man out. We live in society where image is key voicing about something that isn 't common or can be frowned upon in most cases it 's kept quiet so we don 't get shund.This can apply to cases about racism, equality, gun control, or drugs.. Tough subjects to talk about, any word that sounds offensive to someone else can turns into a heated dispute. This is main reason some just stay in the background not wanting that type

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