What Role Did Religion Play In The New England Colony?

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The New England After a struggling start of the southern colony. There was a beginning to a new colony further north. Which was known as the New England. The New England that was started in the 1630 which was composed of people that were name puritans. This people called puritans would prosper through their hard work, thrift, and the quality of their commitment to God and each other. The reason the England colony was loved so much was because of the religion, how they made their living and the way there laws were set which was what made the colony so distinct. The strong role religion played in the New England Colony was one of the strongest throughout the colony at that time and was very loved. The first settlers in the colony were mostly puritans. The puritans believed that reading the bible was important. They taught the children to read and write as a priority so they would have the capability to perform the task of reading the bible. The puritans had strict religious lives one example was that it was mandatory for …show more content…

This laws were created to punish the people that committed crimes. The New England colonists, would be put to death for denying the true god or for cursing their parents. Crimes like forgery and robbery people could be jailed whipped or branded with hot irons. Minor crimes would also be punished with jail time or even public humiliation. The puritans had strong ideas to the point that one of the laws even expected you to attend church or face the consequences. Some of the major point of these laws that were not allowed were smoking tobacco, abusing your mother-in-law, profane dancing, kissing, riding behind two men, and playing cards “unlawful familiarity”. This laws were written by puritans in books with blue paper binding. Therefore, these laws were labeled the “blue laws” that brought a distinct structure to the

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