What Role Does The Supernatural Play In Macbeth

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In the book Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, the element of the supernatural plays a key role in the story line and also the outcome of many of the characters that you meet. From the very first scene that the witches and apparitions are introduced, they are already impacting how the story will end. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth put their lives into the hands of the three sisters which eventually lead to their death. The supernatural is undoubtedly the sole reason for Macbeth’s changed fate which then leads to his demise. The only reason that they are helping Macbeth is in their own pleasure, they have no interest in whether or not things will turn out well for him. Not only do the witches control Macbeth 's fate, but they also form a relationship with him that causes other aspects of his life to be changed. In the scenes that the Witches and Macbeth were together, they influenced Macbeth’s speech pattern to mimic their …show more content…

Banquo became a problem to Macbeth when he threatened to reveal his plan to Duncan. Macbeth could not take the risk of him finding out so he took matters into his own hand. Not wanting to be directly connected to the killing, Macbeth hired murderers to have him killed “Both of you, know Banquo was your enemy.” (3.1.124-25) Macbeth convinced them that Banquo was an enemy to all of them and needed to be killed as soon as possible. Macbeth saw him as a threat on his life and the longer that Banquo was alive, the more chances he had to tell the king of what was going to happen “So is he mine; and in such bloody distance, that every minute of his being thrusts against my near’st of life” (3.1.127-29). The witches are to blame for his death because if they had never told Macbeth the prophecies he wouldn’t have to kill Duncan. Many authors have argued that the witches didn’t help the plot because they have altered too much of what goes on. If they were never included, many main characters wouldn’t have to die in the hands of the supernatural

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