Who Is Dimmesdale Punish Sinners In The Scarlet Letter

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In the book The scarlet letter , Nathaniel Hawthorne questions the reader by questioning whether it is okay to punish sinners since we all have committed sins. Scarlet letter takes place in massachustes in new england in the time of colonization of the new world.at the time massachustes is very religious and the church has alot of power over the people, they control almost evry aspect of their life and punish thoose who commit sins. Dimmesdale is the head of the church in salem massachusetts and he is defined by how people admired him and how people liked him, this traits affect the theme and other characters in the story because it makes dimmesdale look pure and sin free making people make wrong assumption and decisions when it come to dimmesdale. At the beginning of the book Dimmesdale is liked by his community and is well respected. dimsdale was praised because people could sympathize with the sermons he gave about committing sins and people were always willing to listen to his advice because of the role he played as the head of the church. People in salem admired dimmesdale lot this admiration created respect for dimmesdale within the community.when people in the community talked to dimmesdale they addressed him in a praising manner. “good master Dimmesdale “said he “the …show more content…

So while he's warning other to not commit a sin he commits a sin this shows how dimmesdale is

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