Who Is Elie Wiesel's Faith In Night

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Night is about Elie wiesel’s struggle through the holocaust from camp to camp. In Night Elie questions god’s ability and, at Elie’s lowest points, his existence. Elie goes through a journey no teenager should endure. He is faced with unbelievable cruelty at every turn, being beaten physically and mentally. Elie’s purpose for writing this book about his experience in the holocaust is to show how his faith was tested throughout the book and as a result it caused him to see god in a different light. Elie’s faith was taken from him in the concentration camps. His struggle to believe in god continued through the book as he experienced cruelty. One of the cruel acts was the hangings of two people, a boy and a man. The young boy’s death becomes a symbol for god’s death in the book. After the pipel’s death the SS forced Elie and the rest of the camp to stare at the face of the corpse before they were able to eat dinner. This is a turning point in the book for Elie because he essentially looks god dead in the face and feels like god isn't there for him anymore. Elie becomes reluctant of his prayers and doesn’t celebrate the jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah by praying to god. …show more content…

Elie, his father and the rest of the inmates hold their heads towards the ground waiting to be incinerated. Elie’s faith and his relationship with god is shown, when Elie recites the Kaddish, the prayer of death (Normally a prayer used on someone else, not yourself of the living) before being saved by the lord and turned away from the furnace towards the barracks. This part of the book is important because it demonstrates how important his relationship with god is at the beginning of the book and what kind of faith Elie demonstrates in

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