Who Is Macbeth To Blame

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Mason Mattson
Mrs. Stephens
Soph english 1st hour
Macbeth Essay Who Really Is To Blame?

In the book “No Fear Macbeth” by Shakespeare. I think that Macbeth is the real person to blame for the murder of Duncan for many reasons. I believe this because in the end Macbeth is the one who took his life away. He is the one who stabbed him(act 1, scene 3, page 21). Macbeth thought about what someone told him to much and has made himself feel like he had to do it. Three strong pieces of evidence that i have are very helpful. First, In I/7/1-28/ page 41, Macbeth is speaking to himself about Duncan. He is overthinking it. His own ambition is getting into his own head. He doesn’t think straight because he wants to be king.

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