Who Is Richard Wright's Black Boy: A Victim Of Racism?

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In Richard Wright's memoir “Black Boy”, Richard experiences racism and his own emotional/psychological disturbances severely influencing his reality. Being raised in the South around 1910s, Richard experienced the segregation amongst the two cultures. And from time to time he was affected by racism throughout his life. However, Richard was also known for doing strange and unexplainable things based on curiosity, vengeances, and fear. Furthermore, his memoir takes us on a journey to discover if he was a victim of his own disturbances or racism. This memoir unfolds truths like no other, and display evidence that could aid either one of these arguments. With so much evidence for both arguments, knowing which one of them was more influential is…show more content…
Richard Wright started distinguishing the segregation of the two cultures at a very young age. He was usually discriminated because he was African American which made his life far more complicated than any others. He was the sole provider for his ill mother, aunt, and younger brother. For instance, Richard got a job working at an office dominated by white people. While adjusting into this new setting, Richard asked for guidance regarding the office machines. The white men there did not want to help Richard, and stated using the machines was “white men’s work” (pg.188 p.1). This exclusion from the rest of the group, affects Wright because it prevents him from doing his job. If he can't do his job, he'll get fired, and won't be able to provide for his family. Wright also experienced racism when a group of white men offered him a ride to his destination. Once Richard got on they started to talk, but the comradery ended when a white man told Wright that he didn't say “sir” when talking to another white man. They all got offended because Wright did not show respect, so they smashed a bottle of whiskey on his head which made him fall off the moving car (pg.181 p.2). Both of these events occurred because of racism affecting his reality more than disorders because his life and occupations were on the
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