Who Is The Christ Figure In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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The novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, takes place in a mental institution in which the patients are either insane or scared to survive in the real world. The patients want to rebel against Nurse Ratched, the head of the ward, but; they do not have the courage. When Randle Patrick McMurphy comes into the ward, he helps these patients gain the confidence to go against Nurse Ratched. With his light-spirited and dauntless attitude, McMurphy represents the Christ figure. There are striking situations or characteristics where the characters in the novel are like biblical figures. Billy Bibbit is like Judas because of their betrayal to their friend. In the book, Billy Bibbit betrays McMurphy by telling Nurse Ratched that it is “M-M-McMurphy …show more content…

During their fishing trip, McMurphy takes these weak patients and turns them into strong people. The patients are all quiet when they first go onto the boat. When they start to get fishes on their rods, they catch many fish, celebrate, and drink. After the fishing trip is over, the patients “[are not] the same bunch of weak-knees from a nuthouse [anymore].” McMurphy has finally lead these patients into becoming strong men and shows them “what bravado and courage [can accomplished].” This is similar Jesus who brings his disciples fishing and tells them to trust in him. By going fishing, Jesus and McMurphy guides the disciples and patients into trusting them and becoming better people for themselves. In addition, Bromden always said that McMurphy was like his “Papa” who he admired. It’s the same way how Bromden always trusts McMurphy because “[McMurphy] is who he is.” He never tries to become someone he is not, and he is always standing-up for him and the patients. When McMurphy gives Bromden some Juicy Fruit, Bromden said, “Thank you.” For so many years, Bromden, who everyone thought was deaf and dumb, finally speaks. When Jesus heals a blind person to see, McMurphy heals Bromden to speak. Since Bromden sees McMurphy as this “big” guy, it’s like how the people see Jesus as this “big” guy who has this originality to be himself. Therefore, McMurphy and Jesus are alike in a way because they are special to the world by bringing purpose to others. There’s this other scene where there’s a party in the ward. It is the last party McMurphy is ever going to have, and he takes medications from the drug room and mixes it with alcohol. This is just like Jesus having his last supper with his disciples before his death. What makes McMurphy similar to Jesus is after the party, he finally defeats Nurse Ratched by revealing that she is not at all powerful to the patients. He shows a signed “that he might

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