Who Is To Blame For Jack's Death In Lord Of The Flies

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Not everyone in society behaves perfectly and when people are in tuff situations they make bad decisions. Without any rules in society, the world would become chaotic and civilization would end. Just like in the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, things got so chaotic that it drove everyone crazy and ended civilization on the island. The demise of the island is caused by Jack's cruel behavior and the symbolic beast. Some people may think Roger is ultimately to blame for the demise of civilization on the island. They say that he is savage even though still in touch with humanity. “Roger led the way straight through the castle, kicking them over, burning the flowers, scattering the chosen stones.”(Golding 60) People say he was the one that started the demise because he was always evil inside before turning “savage like Jack.” However, this argument is not strong enough because Roger was only a part of it but not the whole reason. Jack was the …show more content…

It first started when Jack turned savage and influenced a lot of the other boys. Jack was showing signs of changement when he was desperate to catch the pig. “He swung back his right arm and hurled the spear with all his strength. From the pig run came the quick, hard patter of hoofs, a castanet sound, seductive, maddening - the promise of meat” (Golding 49) Jack waited so long and turned violent just to catch the pig but it got away. That started to turn Jack more insane, later this bad influence started to rub off on the boys, and they became involved with violent games and retrial chants. “‘Kill the pig. cut her throat. Spill her blood’...Jack, his face smeared with clay, reached the top first and hailed Ralph excitedly, with lifted spear.”(Golding 69) After time, Jack finally caught the pig and everyone was celebrating; these visuals of him catching the pig and aggressively murdering it can really traumatize the littluns and would change their behavior as

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