Theme Of Mob Mentality In Lord Of The Flies

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Briella Schleis English 9 Mr. Swalheim Hour 8 Innocence at Risk Mob mentality and peer pressure tend to persuade someone to do things even when they do not want to, just to fit in. The process of people, any age falling into peer pressure or having a mob mentality… interchanges them. Losing the label of being known as innocent could really bring down people's views about someone, and what goes around about them compared to if vis stick to ones beliefs, values, and interests. This does not mean going out of vis refuge, however, it is really just about owning individuality no matter what people say about vis. Zir can see in anyone doing activities they do not truly want, the actions and thoughts take over them and they become more savage and rebellious. Friendships …show more content…

Piggy and Ralph being by themselves with little to no mechanism of self-defense create tension and issues for the children. All of the boys were on top of the escarpment above deep maritime when Piggy got pummeled back into the water and got killed by Jack’s tribe pushing a huge rock at him (Golding 181). They look back and Piggy was lifeless with his face in the water, and body floating. This represents mob mentality as well because Jack’s tribe may have only directed that rock at Piggy because their leader, Jack modeled that by being aggressive and physical to Ralph. Jack represents savagery by killing animals and being bellerigent towards everyone because he thinks he should be the boss and he knows everything. Jack knows the boys need food and shelter, yet Ralph and Simon are the ones who build the huts because he would rather try to take a group of boys to be in his tribe of killing. Hunting is the only way they had to eat, however, the way Jack executed this showed mob mentality. After he had a knife and stabbed the pig, he had the boys caper for joy and chant “Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her

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