Lord Of The Flies Mob Mentality Analysis

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Stephen King once said, “Every book you pick has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones” (It is not about the good or bad of the quality of the book but the concepts and themes that it covers). As evil and pleasure are linked together, people learn about certain perceptions. William Golding's discussion about the human nature leaves the reader certain insights and lessons that people have witnessed during the past and further knowledge of how these can be used in the reality. The Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding leaves several insights including the potential or influence of power, mob mentality, and the excessive show of greed that can all bring disorder to a society. …show more content…

The issue of mob mentality happens frequently as people depend too much on one another and easily get influenced by what the majority of the people think and decide. The internal or hidden pressure among the group is another factor that leads to why people follow the majority. As everyone started to change when “All at once the crowd swayed towards the island and were gone-following Jack. Even the tiny kids went and did their best among the leaves and broken branches” (Golding 38). Once Jack had become a stubborn dictator, one by one people started to follow him. Since Jack was a threatening figure, as for Sam and Eric, it was hard to disobey him. Therefore, consequently, the kids started to join him. In reality, mob mentality is something that many of humans follow. People act and think the way others do and although some even know what they are doing is not right, the mob has the power to influence most of the decisions. Furthermore, once a number of people accumulate, the choices begin to turn out as a big matter. Mob mentality has often the power to try and do things people never dare to; since it is a whole group, not a single individual, and within it, the evil is easily exposed to nature. For example, “‘The chant rose a tone in agony “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!’”(Golding 152). The group Jack managed to control became a mob, so the kids did not have a choice but to follow. This chant, where they scream and mention multiple times in the book shows how heinous humans can be by simply spitting the words killing, cutting, and spilling blood as if it were nothing. The way in which people get too easily influenced is why people nowadays hesitate to stand up for themselves for what is wrong. The mob changes many perspectives although several times those actions are not done the correct

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