Who Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Macbeth?

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For every accolade there is a recipient, every Paris has his Helen of Troy, and every murder has its convict. But who is to be indicted for the murder of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth? Who is to be held liable for the calamitous events that occurred throughout the play? Prior to receiving a prophecy from the notorious Weird sisters in which he is prophesied to become king of Scotland, Macbeth murders the current king of Scotland, Duncan, with much provocation from his crafty wife, Lady Macbeth. In a desperate attempt to secure his safety and position of power, Macbeth hires a trio of murderers to assassinate his close friend Banquo and his son, who was also mentioned in the Witches prophecy to be the root of a long line of kings who will presumably take over the throne from Macbeth. As the play progresses, the deterioration of both Macbeth’s physical and mental state becomes quite conspicuous. A relevant example of this being Macbeth envisioning the ghost of Banquo, bloody and mangled from his brutal murder, sitting at the dinner table amongst his friends and other highly esteemed guests. After consulting the Witches to acquire more information concerning his fate, Macbeth learns from three apparitions that he must beware Macduff, cannot be harmed by anyone born of a woman, and will …show more content…

Furthermore, the Weird Sisters maintain control of Macbeth’s actions throughout the play by informing him more information about his fate. This information compels Macbeth to take action to ensure his safety and possession of power. Because of the compelling evidence throughout the plot, every event in Shakespeare’s Macbeth can be traced back to the Weird Sisters, or Fate. It is evident that as the play progresses, Macbeth becomes more dependent on the Witches for information concerning his fate in order do what he feels is necessary to continue his reign as king of

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