Who Is Wayne Williams Guilty Or Innocent

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Not five, ten but more than fifteen little boys were found dead in a lake, but all of a sudden , Wayne Williams gets arrested and no more bodies are found.Guilty or Innocent?Through out the videos you can see more and more evidence to why he is very guilty. As stated in the article, only American African kids were being taken away from their homes,being taken from families, and no one knew why. No one, literally no one , had any idea on who was doing this and why they were doing this. Wayne was born on May 27,1958, he is known to be an American serial killer who convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1982 for killing two adult man. After this,William's was responsible for at least 23 of the 29 Atlanta murders of 1979-1981, Wayne is …show more content…

No one ever saw him hurt someone or anything nor did anyone care about him because he was black and poor. He claims he did not.They knew the killer had to be black and somebody unnoticed, all the classic killers were white so this was not normal. On October 21, 9-year-old Yusuf Bell went to the store to get something for his neighbor, and never showed up ever again, his body was missing for a month. Jeffery Mathis, an 11 year year old,disappeared while on an errand for his mother. This was a constant routine, all these little african american boys would go out and never return back to their homes.Luke was with a man at the shop with a man that had a scar on his face, he did not return home that night. Luke was killed by something called a choke hold.Patrick Boldizar thought he could catch the killer. He went out to skate and play games.He noticed that he was being chased by a car. He was walking to his dad’s restaurant to get money and never came back home.They found him in the woods,near his house, he was killed from behind, he had rope print all around his neck. Jojo bell went to a basketball court. He left in a white wagon with Wayne, after this, he was never to be seen again. Two more bodies were found after

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