Who Was John Brown Insane For The Harpers Ferry Raid?

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John Brown was an abolitionist who was a part of the anti-slavery movement. He led the Harpers Ferry Raid in hopes to ignite a spark in slave uprisings. Brown was not insane for his plans of raiding and supplying slaves with guns from the arsenal. The plan for the raid was not a spontaneous attack. Even though the plan was not successful, Brown planned it enough to get it started. He recruited people and led them throughout the raid. Even though Frederick Douglass did not approve of this plan, the fact that he took a day to think it through suggest that the plan was not entirely a failure or mistake. Douglass had to much to risk, but Shields Green was more than willing to join Brown. If Brown could convince the group of people he recruited to fight alongside …show more content…

Calhoun would consider Brown to be insane for being a white man who wants to free slaves, but that does not paint a clear picture of Brown. People, like Calhoun, are bias and narrow minded about other possibilities. Calhoun was clear about where he stands regarding slavery and Brown just happens to be on the other side. William Lloyd Garrison, on the other hand, was anti-slavery, but did not make any actions against. He stated that Brown’s intentions were good, but the actions were misguided. Everyone had a different opinion in the situation, which makes it them unreliable witness in determining Brown’s state-of-mind. It is ironic that Brown preaches about freedom for all slaves and the first kill in the raid was a free black man. When considering Heyward Shepherd was in the way of Brown’s goal, it is reasonable for Brown to kill him. In the trail in class, Shepherd voiced is disagreement with Brown’s action, which gives his death more likely to have happen because he was not for Brown’s causes or wanted any part in the raid. His immediate reaction of disagreement could have promented Brown the kill him in order to complete the job

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