Who's To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, two young people fall inlove, six people including Romeo and Juliet die. Couple people are to blame forit, but who is the ones that I think that did most trouble. well I think it wasJuliet's Nurse, Friar Lawrence, and Friar John. Because of these people sixpeople die, trying to get one family together. Well, the Nurse had a big part in how the people died, She allowed Romeo and Juliet to be together, didn't say no when they got married, and didn't have to put up the ladder for Romeo to get in. In Act 1, Scene 5 & Act 1, Scene 3, the Nurse, didn't have to tell Juliet Romeo's name or where he's from.1 In Act 2 Scene 5, the Nurse could have made sure that she didn't get married to Romeo, made sure that they never saw each other, made sure they didn't fall in love. 2 Also in Act 2, Scene 5, She didn't have to put the ladder up for Romeo,could have just let them …show more content…

He married Romeo and Juliet, married them to try to bring one family together, and most of all gives a letter for Romeo to a guy who can't deliver it. Well, Act 2, Scene 6, Romeo and Juliet get married, nobody knows about it but Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence, the Nurse, so only a couple people, well the two families ain't coming together fighting more, so Romeo and Juliet don't tell them. 4 Act 5, Scene 3, well Romeo and Juliet dies in this part all because of somebody not giving them the letter, well i wonder who that was? oh right, Friar John couldn't. So they died, nothing anybody could do, nobody came at the right time, so three people die, Paris, Romeo, and Juliet. 5 Since he, Friar Lawrence gave the letters so Friar John nobody got the letters because John was with the sick, maybe getting sick himself, hey wouldn't let him out because the was afraid that he could get somebody else sick and before you know it the whole world is sick, well anyways, everybody dies because of the Friars, Act 5, Scene

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