Why Did The French Revolution Occur

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11. The French Revolution, or Révolution française, was a revolution which signaled the end of the ancien régime, a term signifying the monarchy, the aristocracy, and feudalism, in France. The revolution had several major phases and lasted until 1799, ending with the coup d’état led by general Napoleon Bonaparte. There were several causes as to why the revolution occurred. The first general cause common to most European revolutions was the antiquated system of feudalism. By the time of the French Revolution, feudalism was worn down almost completely in France and completely non-existent in other regions of Europe. A growing middle class, known as the bourgeoisie, wanted more political power and representation in government. France, at the time, was the most populous nation in Europe (over 20 million inhabitants). Thus, a compounding of economic hardship and crop failure did not sit well with a majority of the population. The economic slump was caused by a rise in global prices and the bankruptcy of the French Government. Its involvement in the American Revolution, as well as the monarch’s lavish spending, greatly impoverished the government. …show more content…

The king’s actions only further divided the government, as, when he called the Estates-General to order for the first time since 1614. The third (common) estate declared that they would not disband until they made a new constitution for France under the Serment du Jeu de Paume, or Tennis Court Oath (the estate members were housed in the King’s tennis court). After a significant percentage of the second (clerical) and first (noble) estates joined them, they all became one National

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