Why Did The John Brown's Raid

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John Brown said before being hung,“(I) Never intended murder, treason, or destruction of property or the excite or incite the slave to rebellion or make insurrection.” During 1857, John Brown, an abolitionist, was raising money to help abolish slavery in the South, also to get an uprising of the slaves and to create a rebellion.The main plan of the raid was to get the slaves to join his rebellion, but it failed as a raid. Even though it failed as a raid it created a greater divide between the North and South. The last words of Brown were given to a guard before his hanging and those words were, “I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.” As John Brown hinted at bloodshed …show more content…

A detailed storyline of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry is needed in order to understand the sectionalism between the North and the South. The John Brown’s Raid sparked the war due to the fact that it created a great deal of sectionalism between the North and the South. The raid lasted for 36 hours and the consequences of the raid lasted longer than expected, even after Brown died (“John Brown’s Raid”). In order to get to Harper’s Ferry, Brown was required to change his name due to him being known as an abolitionist so he changed his name to Isaac Smith. Also to produce a more convincing disguise, he was driven to rent out a farm and that he was New York. Whenever Brown when into town, he never went in large groups seeing as it would raise suspicion (A Volcano beneath the Snow). John Brown believed that the usage of violence will end slavery. The plan that …show more content…

One cause of sectionalism is the South’s reaction to the Raid. When Brown is mentioned in the South many either fear him or have a hatred for him. When they found out that he was hung many Southerners cheered and rejoiced that a tyrant was taken down. The Southerners viewed him as a terrorist to the South and ruined everything that they worked for with this simple

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