Why Did Woodrow Wilson Enter World War 1

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When President Wilson requested that Congress declare war on Germany, America was not ready to mobilize our troops for war. The United States had just begun to pull itself out of recession and were not ready for a war economically. Some Americans wanted to see the fall of Germany, but did not support sending our soldiers across the ocean. Despite all this, Wilson continued to push for American contribution in the war effort. Eventually, Wilson’s tactics won over and we were able to send large amounts of reinforcements into the war. It took months before the United States was able to deploy troops to Europe. It took all of Wilson’s efforts to get the United States into World War One. Without these reforms we may never have joined the Great War. One of his first and most important reforms was changing the war’s image through …show more content…

In order to mobilize an army, the public's view on the war needed to change. In order to do this, the Committee on Public Information was created. The organization consisted of 150,000 workers world round, led by impulsive journalist and muckraker George Creel. Creel developed a countless number of posters, pamphlets, and leaflets to use as propaganda for the war. The Committee was used to promote American involvement in the war and to spread Wilsonian ideals. Over half of these members known as “four-minute men” gave patriotic speeches tirelessly to advocate for the war. This caused an entire different view of the War going on in Europe and many American citizens viewed the war as a civic duty that would be honored by those around them. Americans wanted to sign up for the war of their own free will. On the other hand, this anti war propaganda had a reverse effect on German Americans. Constant propaganda caused Americans to develop hatred towards Germans, even those who lived in America. American

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