Influence Of Roosevelt's Role In World War II

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World War II also led to more hard times in America, and Roosevelt helped lead America through it. Because WWII came in the midst of the Great Depression, Roosevelt was already busy. In order to contribute to the war effort against the Japanese and growing Nazi forces, Roosevelt helped allied countries by sending relief to places like Britain, which is only miles away the Nazi regime(Lend-Lease Act,2009). This Allied forces combat against the Axis powers until the American could fully commit to joining the war with infantry. Once this commitment happened American troops landed in Europe and helped fight against the enemy, and also contributing to the biggest battle in history, the D-Day Invasion.(A “Might Endeavor”- D Day). Finally, Roosevelt helped in foreign policy working with leaders around the world. This can be seen many different times throughout history, for example the Yalta Conference, where the big three met to discuss Nazi Germany’s situation regarding their surrender and also to discus post war plans. Here Roosevelt also talked about the elections that would be held in Eastern Europe and convinced Stalin to allow free elections(Yalta …show more content…

Though this would later change Roosevelt changed the course of American history in World War II by providing aid to other countries, combatting axis powers, and also increasing relations with foreign countries, but Roosevelt not only lead us through a war, but also the Great

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