Franklin D Roosevelt Research Paper

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt, or FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States. His mission was to help his people get through the Great Depression. He was the fifth cousin of Theodore Roosevelt who also was the President of the United States. He became President in November on 1932. While President, there were 13 million people unemployed. His goal was to help the country it once was before the "Great War."

FDR was the governor of New York, Secretary of the Navy, and Vice President under President Hoover. Take note that he had a lot of political viewpoints, but he also made a lot of bad mistakes. During his presidency he helped his people, giving them morale and encouragement through his radio broadcast or "fireside chats." He helped the people of the United States by explaining his "New Deal'' programs. FDR helped the people through the hardships of WWII and helped create alliance with Great Britain. He was the only President elected four times. …show more content…

He also helped the farmers and the agricultural workers by passing an Act to them as well. This Act was called Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC) to protect the people that put money into their bank accounts and the Securities and Exchange Commission to control the stock market and the type of abuse that led to the crash of 1929.

After the Great Depression had passed, he asked Congress to pass his new act, the "Second New Deal." This included the Social Security Act(SCA). This allowed the elderly dismissal from work or if they had any disability. Congress also passed the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Congress placed a rose the tax prices on large corporations. This tax was called the "soak - the - rich"

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