Why Do Political Parties Or Big Donors Have The Most Say In Elections

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2. Do the people, the political parties, the government, or big donors have the most say in elections?
The people, political parties, the government, and big donors all factor into the elections. They each wouldn’t have the same amount of power without the existence of the others. They all play very important and different roles in making sure that the electoral process functions correctly. They have power to perform different acts but some have more influence than others. This being said, political parties and big donors have the most say in elections.
A democracy is defined by who can participate in government. In a federal model, power is divided between a central government and several local governments according to the constitution. The democracy of the United States functions on the foundation of majority rule, compromise, citizenship, and free enterprise system. We have a Constitution based federal republic meaning that the people elect agents who make and carry …show more content…

Funds are spent on TV advertising, polls, mass mailing, campaign staff, and travel. With so much of their campaign riding on the ability to raise money it is very crucial for candidates. It now costs about $1 million to run for a house seat and up to 20 times that to campaign for a senate seat. Campaign contributions come from private givers, such as; small contributors, wealthy individuals, political action committees (PACs), temporary fundraising groups, and the candidates themselves. Presidential campaigns receive public funds from federal and state treasuries as well. Ever since McCutcheon V. Federal Election Commission's (FEC) there are now no total limits on individual and corporate donations. This ruling struck down the limits that had been imposed in 1974 after the watergate scandal. Citizens United V. FEC declared that money is speech and money donations should not be limited because political speech cannot and should not be

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