Why Do Railroads And Train Have Shaped America?

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(TH) With the formation of the railroads, construction and operation, brought a vast cultural, economic and political change to a country only 46 years old. (SSP1)Geo Right after the creation of the rail roads, people in the US started to realize how amazing this creation actually is and how it changed people’s lives economically. Peoples first thoughts on what to do with the rail roads was to transport goods. (R1) Effecting how much people bought food and oil, dramatically altering the market for just about everything. (R2) now before you think the railroads was all good, remember that it did cost the government a pretty penny. Although building the railroads did cost a lot of money, (R3) work (building the railroads) was giving to a lot of immigrants and poor people money and something to do. (CE) Threw out Europe trains still are expanding, Scotland seems to just start putting trains all over there country . Stretching from north Scotland threw south of Scotland. Speaking of other country’s japan has taken the concept of the train and has basically supercharged the engine. One train …show more content…

The world has seen many Inventions, tons have claimed to “Change the world” but if you ask me I think that the railroads and train is one of and if not the world’s most important inventions ever made. Most of this essay talked about how trains helped America, but it turns out that trains just helped the world in general. The economy in America changed, effecting trade prices with other countries. In Europe trains crossed borders taking most of the fear of predators away. Even today trains are used to transport, people goods and oil. It’s amazing that we have alternative ways for moving goods and people, yet good old fashioned trains still stick with us. Personally I think that Richard Trevithick (Creator of the first train) should get a huge monument for this world changing technological innovation, I mean he has one , but like a way bigger one, maybe made out of

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