Reasons For Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Have you ever blamed your younger sibling for something you did just so you would not get in trouble? That is what Abigail Williams did in The Crucible, yet she blamed the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts resulting in a massive witchcraft hysteria. The witchcraft hysteria was a tremendous outbreak of multiple irrelevant trials causing 20 people to get hung. All these deaths and trials were all caused by one girl, Abigail Williams. I think Abigail Williams is responsible for the witchcraft hysteria because she lied about getting stabbed with a needle and she blamed everybody else for being a witch but herself. The first reason I believe Abigail is guilty is because she lied about getting stabbed in her stomach with a needle by John Proctor. For example, my sister and I would always fake or lie about injuries just to gain my parents attention. Despite of our acts, my mother would never show any sign of sympathy and that is what the town should have done, shown no sympathy towards that lying girl. Now we can conclude that if Abigail is going to lie about something as little as a needle stabbing, we can finalize that she would lie about something as big as witchcraft. A lie is a lie, no matter how big or small. Although Abigail did not start the dancing in the woods, she was apart of it, …show more content…

Abigail blamed everyone in Salem for either seeing a witch, being a witch, or conjuring up the spirit of a witch but herself. When I was at the age where I would start to look up to my older sister, is the age where I would always yell at her for the things I´d end up doing but when the time came around, I would always blame my sister for my actions just like Abigail blamed the townspeople. On the other hand, most people deny that she is guilty do to the fact that she is just a child. Although she is just a child, her blaming actions lead to multiple deaths and

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