C Mon Abby In The Crucible

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C’mon Abby According to a 2002 study created by the University of massachusetts, 60% of all adults lie at least once,or even more within a ten minute conversation. This is beyond present, maybe even favored in Arthur miller’s The Crucible. This play takes place in Puritan times, in the year of 1692. Salem was usually a silent town, but after the night Abigail Williams and her group of friends went out to the woods to dance, conjure and creating a charm to have Goody proctor killed. Through lies, misinterpretation and exploiting others Abigail is responsible for having others be blamed and dodging being charged herself. Abigail Williams is responsible for the Salem Witch trials. Abigail is to blame because she speaks lies. Although some may believe that Mary Warren, friend of abby’s is to blame. Those who think that could argue that she didn't tell the truth on counts of opportunities. Mary always thought telling the truth was the right idea, but never did. “Abby! Abby, We’ve got to tell.../ We must tell the truth, Abby!” (Miller I. 117). She had the right mindset, but never proceeded with action thus going along with Abigail’s lies. Don’t forget Mary was with the girls the night of the woods incident, and witnessed it all, making her capable of starting/ continuing the Witch trials. On the other hand, and the right perspective, Abigail is most to blame because because the night of the woods she showed the most signs of a witch. She was the one who drank blood and wanted to make a charm to have goody proctor killed and lies about it. When speaking with her Uncle, Reverend …show more content…

Abby is also, by preventing her being proved guilty which would conclude the trials, continuing the witch trials. Abigail knew she was guilty, and lied/ manipulated others into thinking that she was not guilty, making her responsible for the witch trials of

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