Why Is Ownership Important In The Great Gatsby

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The act of ownership has the power to completely take over one’s sense of self and identity. More specifically, in today’s society, people have become so consumed with wanting to own certain tangible and intangible aspects in order to portray themselves in their desired persona.
This idea of ownership can truly be seen in the materialistic behaviors within the majority of the society. Many people seek and pursue a happiness they believe can be found in success, prosperity, and luxury which is most often portrayed through the possession of high-end and superior goods. The ownership of these tangible objects creates a sense of feeling wealthy and triumph over others. A majority of people strive to have this feeling of prosperity because they believe it is the answer to all their problems and
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But more often than not, the aspiration for having these material goods to reach a specific sense of self can result in being detrimental. This empty pursuit of material items was explored in the well known book of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FItzgerald. Even though this book was written in the 1920s, the ideals and themes it holds still is true today. Through the characters lives, the reader can see the effect of wanting goods in order to portray themselves in an idealized way and how it ultimately leads to their corrupt morale. This is representative of the of the American culture and how there is a sense of hollowness in the society. In our world today, the aspect of materialism as greatly impact who we are as a people together and has taken over our lives. Through the ambition of trying to obtain certain tangible objects, it can take over the perceptive mindset of a person and cause them to aspire for a false reality. So, this longing of ownership of these tangible items can either have a lasting impact of encouragement and passion or it can have a dismissive impact on one’s character. More often than not, I believe that in today’s world, people
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