Why Is Unferth Important In Beowulf

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In the book Beowulf, Unferth speaks of Beowulf and begins to speak bad of his name. He does this due to his unlike toward Beowulf. He brings back an event that involves Beowulf’s failure in a bet he had made. This makes BEowulf weary of unferth. Unferth accuses Beowulf of fraud and unheroic. This sets a tone of anger in Unferth’s choice of words. On how he makes beowulf look bad in the crowed that he knows is come to know him well. In lines 418-420 in Beowulf Unferth speaks of Beowulf, “ Unferth who sat at the feet of the lord of the scyldings unlocked his thoughts with these unfriendly words -for the journey of Beowulf.” In the wife's tale there is a setting of betrayal and is set by the fact that she is explaining how the man she loved

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