Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

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Women and Men in Today’s World We live in a world where women and men have to choose whether they are going to have their dream job, or have their dream family. Neither men, nor women have the opportunity of having both; there are still some things that limit us from having it all. By comparing and contrasting Anne Slaughter’s essay on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” and Richard Dorment’s essay “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All,” we find reasons on what they think limits people on having both the dream job and dream family with all the accruing benefits. Starting off, Slaughter and Dorment have to establish their ethos, so they can gain trust in their readers and what they are saying is right. I think that slaughter does well establishing her ethos. She tells her audience about her education and how she rose to the top in having her dream job. She also establishes her ethos by her word choice, using intelligent words which indicate that …show more content…

The writers both want their readers to understand why people can’t have it all. I think that Dorment uses it more than Slaughter in his essay, because men usually tend to need more evidence. Dorment exemplifies his logos by using graphs, providing his audience with real statistics. Dorment quotes from Slaughter’s essay intensively, giving his readers what his thoughts are about slaughter’s points as to why women can’t have it all. Slaughter, on the other hand, uses logos by giving a detailed story about how she came to be successful and had to make difficult choices that many women face. She thinks that women shouldn’t have to decide if they want their dream job or dream family. She also believes that “The best hope for improving the lot of all women,…..is to close the leadership gap: to elect a women president and 50 women senators; to ensure that women are equally represented in the ranks of corporate executive and judicial leaders” (Slaughter

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