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William Faulkner William Faulkner was one of the most intelligent writers of the 1920s- 1930s. His books sent him to the sanctuary which got him into Hollywood where he then became a screenwriter and settled down for a couple of months. William Cuthbert Faulkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi, on September 25, 1897. His ancestors’ migrated from Scotland in the eighteenth century. Faulkner discovered his storytelling gifts as a child but his writing career did not really begin until after his brief training for the Royal Air Force in Canada, shortly before the World War I Armistice in 1918. He attended University of Mississippi for one year, worked at jobs, and published a volume of poetry. He took writing more seriously with encouragement from Sherwood Anderson. He spent several months traveling in Europe. Through Faulkner’s life he had twenty four bestselling novels followed by screenplays and poetry. …show more content…

The entire series of novels set in the mythical Yoknapawpha County, Faulkners’ “little postage stamp of native soil,” is sometimes considered as a great work in its own right, especially when all of the Snopes Trilogy (The Hamelet, The Town, The Mansion) is included with the above-named masterpieces. Stories from his two collections of the 1929- 1942 period regularly appear in anthologies; “Old Man” and “The Bear,” which are parts of the Wild Palms and Go Down, Moses are Perhaps his best- known novellas (Heller

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