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Shakespeare's sex life was a different one. He was accused of having many affairs when he was in london and they were not all just women. People say that if you annotate the plays that he wrote while in London that you would find hints toward his affairs and that he did have them.
A lawyer annotated one and accused him of having an affair with one of his actresses.
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Shakespear has wrote some sonnets that are biesexual when you annotate it so some people think that he may have been attracted to men as well as women. He has wrote one hundred and twenty six sonnets talking about his love and affection to men. He has only talked about getting physical in one sonnet and the name of that sonnet is “Dark Lady” all the others he just talks about loving
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Also, it was customary in the early seventeenth century to draw up your will on your deathbed, so Shakespeare must have been acutely aware that his life was coming to an end. Once he died he then got really recognized for his works of art and his outstanding theater.
Historians often refer to Shakespeare as “one of history’s most dramatic poets.” In the same breathe many scholars would refer to Shakespeare as also being the greatest English playwright in all of history by being “simple and sentimental and communicating fine moral shades throughout his work”(Fowler 72). “Of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), in the biographical sense, we know both too much and too little. The numerous investigators has amassed a quantity of information, most of which is utterly useless and irrelevant” (Sampson
214). William Shakespeare essentially began his luxurious career in literature as a suffering actor in the city of Stratford-on-Avon. Stratford is also known as the location where William was born and later baptized. There are few detailed accounts of his childhood or adolescent years.
Historians think that William was born in or around the year 1564, although the exact day

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