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William Shakespeare The 16th century seemed like a world far different from modern day society. Royal families took place of authority, astronomers were still discovering the mysteries of outer space, and medical needs were critically lacking, making for a harsh century to live in. Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st, the commoners would abide by rules that controlled how they lived and interacted. As part of a social order, upperclassmen would wear grand dresses and robes filled with bright colors and made from high tier materials such as silk, velvet, and satin. On the other hand, lowerclassmen would wear shorts and shirts made out of materials that were not so elegant, such as wool, cotton, and leather. Due to such rules being enforced …show more content…

From ages 7-14, William most likely attended Stratford Grammar School, a school popular for its intense priority on Latin plays, acting, writing, and Latin classics. By age 18, William had married Anne Hathaway and begun a family consisting of two daughters and one son. Not long after creating his family, William independently moved away from his hometown and family towards London, where he pursued a career in a theater. For the next two decades, William rose in popularity among the London theatre community for his unique and intriguing storylines in the plays he wrote. This led him to becoming highly wealthy, to which he spent on his family and a theatre, which he owned with four other actors. This theatre, called “The Globe,” contained three major features: the inner stage, the central balcony stage, and the central music gallery. Each feature had its own significance to the Globe, as they all made up the grand theatre. Overall, Shakespeare had written 37 plays in total, to which he also acted out most of them alongside many other men. While William had become popular for his plays, he had also created a collection of 154 sonnets, which he used to express his opinions and ideas about a variety of topics. By the time King James 1st had taken throne, William had become awfully old, leading to his demise on April 1616. Shakespeare now remains buried next to

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