Winston Smith 1984 Essay

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WINSTON SMITH Winston Smith is the novel’s protagonist, he is a citizen of Oceania. Winston is an intelligent man who works for the Ministry of Truth. His work consists of rewriting and editing history to accord the purpose of the Party. Winston portrays a secret hate of the Party. We live the horrors of a totalitarian government through the eyes of Winston. Winston has a desire to understand why the Party maintains such power over Oceania. Winston embodies a rebellious nature which leads him to commit a number of crimes against the Party, which includes writing “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” in his diary, to having an illegal love affair with Julia, getting himself secretly indoctrinated into the anti-Party Brotherhood by O’Brien. By the end of …show more content…

The purpose of the novel was to warn the readers of the potential threat a totalitarian government can have on a society. Orwell depicts the horrifying degree of power and control a totalitarian government can maintain through technology, manipulation of the truth and through the use pf propaganda. In regimes such as this, personal rights and freedom are stripped from the individuals within the society. Within 1984, Orwell depicts a state known as Oceania in which the government controls all aspects of life. The audience are able to understand the destruction such regimes can have on individuals through Winton’s eye. The book also reflects the political movement during Orwell’s time. George Orwell was a socialist and he believed it was necessary to rebel to see a progression within the society. He watched various rebellions go wrong and eventually advance into a totalitarian regime. In Orwell’s time he witnessed the rise of communism and the destruction of civil liberties and economic strengths. Orwell clearly demonstrated the destruction communism could lead to if it progressed unchecked within 1984. The Party within 1984 has absolute control over the entire society. The have the ability to master and exercise all aspects of physiological control through the utilisation of advance

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