Women Empowerment: The Roe Vs. Wade Case

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Women Empowerment: The Roe vs Wade case The revolutionary abortion case of Roe v. Wade had a dramatic impact on the United States. Not only in Texas, but in 46 other states as well. Roe vs Wade is a case about a woman, Norma McCorvey in Texas who wanted an abortion however in the state abortion is illegal so she challenged the system and went to trial. Arguing that the prohibition of abortion is a violation of the 14th amendment as well as the 4th, 5th, & 9th amendments each including the right to privacy, this trial went on for decades and still is a big debate today. It is one the most well known popular cases known in history. The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade drastically impacted United States history because it improved the health and safety conditions for expecting mother and child, it empowered women to demand civil rights from the national government, and it prevented women from being criminally prosecuted for obtaining abortions.…show more content…
Wade, the only states that allowed the medical procedure of abortion were New York, Alaska, Washington and Hawaii. Women who could afford them would leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles to get a legal abortion. Those who couldn’t on the other hand, continued practicing unsafe methods. The Roe vs Wade case has made a very big influence in the health industry and the health of women across America. Today death from abortions are very rare because women are receiving help from medical professionals, and they are getting the necessary treatment they need. The trial went on for years until the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Norma mccorvey, [7-2] . This caused 46 stated to change their abortion laws and create as nationwide debate which basically divided people into pro-abortion groups and anti-abortion groups causing protests and many people are reaching for an appeal in the

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