Wood Vs Wood Bridge Research Paper

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Vinyl vs. Wood vs. Chain Link: The Advantages Of Three Residential Fence Materials

Are you ready to have a fence installed around your yard? If so, you’ll need to decide on what kind of material you want to use. With each material having its own advantages for a home, it helps to break down three popular material to make an informed decision. Here is what you need to know when deciding between vinyl, wood, and chain link fencing.


Many homeowners select a vinyl fence because of the privacy and security it can provide. The panels are manufactured in sections that are between six and eight feet tall for backyards, which is high enough to prevent someone from easily looking into your yard. The solid panels also provide security, which is great if …show more content…

Expect to hose it down and scrub off dirt that is stuck on to the material when it gets dirty, but in general, you won’t have to think about maintenance. Expect to get 20 to 30 years out of a vinyl fence before it needs replacement.


Wood fencing shares a lot of similarities with vinyl fencing in terms of its style. The material is also created in panels in a similar size between four and eight feet, and it’s common to see panels that have planks that are placed tightly against each other for maximum privacy. However, the similarities end there.

You can paint or stain a wood fence to make it your desired color, but that color is only on the surface. Scratches can reveal the color that is underneath if it does become damaged, making it look very noticable. You’ll need to regularly paint or stain the material to help it maintain its great looks, since the color can fade from constant exposure to the sun.

The treatment of the wood can also have a big impact on how long the material will last. Untreated wood will only have a lifespan as long as 12 years, but you can increase that to a 30 year lifespan with wood that has been pressure

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