World Class By Lisa Randall Knows, By Julia Alvarez

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World Class is a statement that proves what one’s work is memorable and important to the world. A scientist is memorable because of their work and how they manage to finish their research that will change our perspectives about the world in general. Lisa Randall is a world class in Alvarez sense and the reason why is by her work. Lisa Randall is considered world class by her explanation of Dark Matter and the dinosaurs extinction in the reason it connects to each other. Alvarez was a world-class man to see the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs and by the search of the crater. The theory of the asteroid being the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs and with the help of some colleagues, it was able to confirm the extinction of the extinction …show more content…

In her writing, she gives detailed about her work and how she decides in her concept in her book. According to Lisa Randall,” I’ll discuss dark matter and the cosmos, but I will also delve into comments, asteroids, and the emergence and extinction of life, with a special focus on the object that fell to Earth,”(VIII, Introduction, Randall). This mentions all the topic she will talk about in her book and how much work she set up to do. She will the audience of the book an explanation about each topic and that how Earth ended the way it did with no dinosaurs. Also the impact it let in outer space that made the object fell to Earth. In past research, there were people who do work about dinosaurs and the extinction. Mentioning in her book about Luis Alvarez and Walter Alvarez giving credit on their findings on the K-T extinction. Randall states,” Perhaps that was a good thing in that its inadequacy precipitated the search for another method by the geologist Walter Alvarez and his father, the physicist Luis Alvarez, which led to the meteoroid hypothesis,”(page 174, Randall). This gives explanation towards the reason in why she got into this project try to make a clear explanation about the Alvarez's work in their hypothesis. She recognized the meaning towards these two men in how they came up with the hypothesis. Her research builds upon the work that other scientists have done try to have some of their work explain more clearly. Randall wanted to explain her work in finding the issues that people haven’t got a chance to solve or are unable to solve. She was intrigued by issues that had data, that she can able to make a model for consider the dark matter situation to

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