Ximen Nao's Human Nature

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After each reincarnation, Ximen Nao's human nature are gradually missing, replaced by the original beast.Donkey and Ox age, Ximen Nao still remembered his grievances and pain, and most of the time he was governed by human sense and sensibility. He met his enemies and was angry, and saw his wife and children suffer with pity, pursue, persist, and be miserable.By the time of the pig, he had almost forgotten his grievances. What he thought most was how to be a king of pig, not revenge. His relationship with his wife and children deteriorated into a relationship between pure livestock and breeders. He used his cleverness and fitness to make a lot of things that were unexpected, hilarious, and self-congratulatory. In the dog time, most of his human nature has …show more content…

In this book, women seem to be covered in a veil of gauze, and readers can't see clearly their faces, but not their lives. Can't see the woman's freedom, don't see a woman's work, it can only see their busy figure, see them stupid fool, see their flattery and infidelity. And they just tool for children, just the executor of action, talking tools, they are just in order to fool man intrigue, only fot a man to play with, they are the only fool to believe that is the fate. Female images in literature is often associated with love, no matter this love is a great love and great maternal love, those who was saturated with love women, often because of love, the world of men as their own world, they lost the self, but can't get equal in the society of the inequality of male and female in return. Her love eventually turned her into a "object" -- the object of a man's desire or a tool for

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