Youn Young Thug: Gender Stereotypes In Hip-Hop

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“Unbommonly Beautiful”
“Only girls wear dresses!” “Only girls paint their nails!”
“Only girls wear make up!”
“Only girls wear palm-palms!”

I beg to differ, Gender Stereo-Types, and you know what, perhaps I’ve got a little news for you:

Young Thug does too!

Signed to Hip-Hop “Mafia-Don” Gucci Mane at 1017 Records, as well as 300 Entertainment, Jeffrey Lamar Williams has been successfully gunning down gender stereotypes since day 1. Ever since the star first became a highly publicized controversy in the United States, millions of fans have over-glorified Thugger Thugger’s music, and have based their lives in accordance to his. Children, as well as adults have idolized him for his provocative lyrics, and for the ideologies he believes in; whilst at the same time, understanding very little of the words he says.

His success continues, and yet still the fact remains: the media picks Young Thug apart, this way and that, for committing the simple crime of living the life he works hard to live.
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Consumed in fast lane of life, he does not deny having left any sort of gang violence at the door when stepping into the spotlight. Just in his most recent studio album, “Barter 6” (mimicking Tha Carter series by Lil’ Wayne) Young Thug cleverly switches the letter “C” to “B” in reference to his affiliation with the bloods (who often times replace the letters C in words to B because of the Blood-Crib rivalry). Despite this direct tie to serious gang violence, Thugger is more widely known for his disregard towards gender boundaries, often seen using intimate language with his comrades, and sporting the regular skirt or palm-palms around the

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