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  • Wireless Communication Research Paper

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    1.1 Wireless communication There are various generation in the wireless system. We are running with the 4 G wireless system which is more focused on the high speed data communication. The demand for higher capacity with low error has raised manifolds, mainly due to cellular telephony although expected to be soon eclipsed by wireless data applications. The various digital signal processing algorithms like IFFT, FFT can be implemented with the advent of modern chip technology. Due to the success of

  • Apollo Merger Case Study

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    Research Questions: Cite and analyse at least two cases where international merger and acquisition attempts by two Indian companies have not worked. Apollo Tyres Limited: Apollo Tyres Ltd, headquarters in Gurgaon, India, is the world's 17th biggest tyre manufacturer, with annual consolidated revenues of US$ 2.34 billion (as of 31st March, 2013). The company was founded in 1972 with its registered office in Kerala. Apollo has four manufacturing units in India – two in Kerala, one in Gujarat and

  • 4g Essay

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    Question 1: Critical Evaluation. Question 2: Short Report. “4G and its current state of play in the UK.” What is 4G? Many of you will recall the time when the primary purpose of mobile phones was making and receiving calls, however these days with the ever ubiquitous smart-phone the technological playing field of the mobile landscape has been irrevocably changed. The miniature computer in your pocket enables us to seamlessly connect to various applications many of

  • Wireless Communication Impact On Human Society

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    Impact of wireless communications on human society Kelland Chew Jiaxing U1321665F L2 KCHEW002@E.NTU.EDU.SG Abstract Aim – To research the impact of wireless communications on society Objectives – To demonstrate the benefits of developing wireless communication technologies Background – Wireless communication technology has forever changed how we communicate and we are no longer tethered by a cable when we wish to communicate. Results – Wireless communication advancements are still crucial to the

  • Advantages Of 4g Technology

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    The existence 4G technology is valid testimony for massive and explosive growth of wireless mobile communication technology which is propagated through its predecessors 3G, 2G and 1G [1-2]. The main objective 4G network is customization of a flexible and ubiquitous service provision enhancing the bandwidth and speed in the middle of 2012 based on digital broadband packet and all IP. 4G technology can be affectively used to provide the customized and

  • 4g Mobile Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction 4G, short for fourth generation, is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 4G is the new and improved version of 3G. The internet speeds of 4G are five times faster. The internet connection is stronger and the internet speed will not suddenly slow down. There are already loads of phones available that can connect to 4G networks, while all the big new smartphones of the future will be compatible. Now, 4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system and support

  • Airtel 4g Girl Essay

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    "The Airtel 4G Girl has built a powerful 4G association with Airtel. For this campaign, we have taken a different spin on her character while driving home a strong network message," added Agnello Dias, chief creative officer, Taproot Dentsu. The campaign wants to highlight the reach of Airtel 4G throughout the India, even in the most difficult to reach locations. One of the films set in snowcapped mountains near Shimla, shows a group of friends enjoying on top of a mountain, with some guides and

  • Customer Comfort Survey Essay

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    "A Study to evaluate customer comfort levels with 4G Telecommunication Services in Hyderabad. R Krishna Vardhan Reddy, Abstract It is need less say that recent years have witnessed a drastic and dramatic sophistication in the telecommunication sector. Specially mobile communication, tablets and smart phones have perfectly replaced the earlier means of shopping, entertainment banking, etc. Thanks to the advanced means of technology that today distance of miles is just a click away! The core of this

  • Advantages Of Blu-Ray Disc

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    Blu-Ray Disc 3G AND 4G   Blu-ray disc Introduction: After DVD, comes the latest and the highest technology up so far; the BLU RAY disc. Blur Ray disc can store HD (High Definition) videos at about 1080 pixels. Physically, it is of same size as CDs and DVDs. Regardless of its same size, it can store upto 27 GB of data, which equals to more than two hours of a HD video and and 13 hours of SD video. As it uses blue violet laser to write and read, therefore it is named as Blu-Ray. It was developed

  • External Environment In Telecommunication Industry

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    technology. An example of technology exist in telecommunications industry is greatly related to the cellular data network services or as known as wireless network. This service comprise from first-generation (1G) network to fourth-generation (4G) network, or called as 4G LTE. It is noted (Osman el.al 2012) that the 1G network has introduced to Malaysia in 1985, by Telecom Malaysia Berhad, but this network has been replaced speedily with 2G network in the middle of 1990s. The rapid change of wireless network

  • Mobile Phone History Essay

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    4G mobile phone network is a high-speed mobile. The most important function of the 4G mobile phone network is to run a variety of network services smartphone. 4G mobile phone technology transmit the traditional voice communication in full data packet, which is very different from 3G and previous mobile phones. The 4G smart phones as mobile network terminal in the general function has been like a small computer

  • Latest Technology Essay

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    The good thing about being up to date with the latest technological advances is that it keeps us sin track of knowing the present generation. The price of knowing what must be known in the present generation simply makes you full of knowledge about the recent technological development. Present era is an era where technology is mostly used and compared with communication; hence both are linked to each other in many ways. Sometimes it just feels great to know about the things that are happening in

  • Wireless Communication Trends

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    Wireless communication is defined as the transfer of information from one point to another or more than two points, that are not connected by any electrical conductor. The term wireless refers to the communication or the transmission of information over a distance without requiring wires, cables or any electrical conductors. Wireless communication has become one of the important mediums of transmission of data or information to other devices. The communication is set and the information is transmitted

  • Telecommunication Industry Case Study

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    only able to differentiate themselves via price differentiation. Airtel, who has launched 4G for the first time in India, in August 2015, has brought the differentiating factor to the telecom industry. Similarly, Reliance too will be launching 4G in the coming months. However they may have a competitive advantage as they are also introducing low cost 4G enabled handsets. This could incentivize consumers to try 4G services more. As mentioned earlier, MNP allows for consumers to switch to another network

  • Maxis Marketing Strategy

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    2.0 Introduction Starting with branched out from Binariang GSM Sdn Bhd as a subsidiary, Maxis Communiations Berhad (Maxis) is a service provider company for telecommunications and internet technology in Malaysia. It was begun in 1995 where the company used the dialling prefix identifier of ‘012’, ‘014’ and ‘017’. The company offered 900 and 1800 MHz Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) band. After that, the company uses the 2100 MHz Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) band

  • 3g Service Assignment

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    services was the music downloading. WHY ADOPT 3G 3G DIFFERENT FROM 2G AND 4G: 1G network is analog, 2G is digital and 3G technology is used to enhance mobile phone standards. 3G simultaneously transfer non-voice data (information download, e-mail, messaging) and voice data (telephone call). Main feature of 3G is video telephony. 4G is to be the future standard of wireless devices. 4G communication testing is being currently conducted by Japanese company NTT DoCoMo and

  • Mobile Generation Essay

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    Contents Introduction 3 Introduction From the beginning analog mobile generation (1G) to the last implemented fourth generation (4G) the pattern has altered. The new generations don’t pretend to become with better voice communication but to get access to the reality of new mobile communication. The purpose is that to get access to anything every time, everywhere. As the needs of the users changing day by day, so the purpose is to provide services to the users according to their

  • Tv Advertising History

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    the largest role in advertising in India. These advertisements are also used in foreign countries to build stronger relationships with their consumers abroad. Similarly, the Airtel 4G Challenge advertisements had a more modern cosmopolitan Indian theme with the host challenging strangers to compete with the Airtel 4G internet speed and try and better

  • Essay On Data Synchronization

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    Figure: Wireless Internet (III) Data Synchronization This synchronization provides many of the advantages of mobile computing without the expenses of installing wireless network apparatus. From the organization system it is easy to upload downloaded information to the handheld device. Change or updated of information is existing in both the sides. The major negative feature of data synchronization is that it does not supply real time access to data. Data syncing is not a wireless data

  • Swot Analysis Of Singtl

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    Analysis of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) using the SWOT framework, (Nanayakkara, 2014). 1. Strengths Strong market position SingTel is the market leader in the mobile and broadband markets in Singapore. In the broadband market its wholly owned subsidiary SingNet has 58% market share and in the mobile market SingTel has 47% market share and 3.98 million customers. SingNet has been able to utilise this large following using services such as Mio-TV and content Portal In-Sing.com