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  • Soundation Assessment Essay

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    Soundation Task Song Name: Rust | Kick It Genre: Semi-electro/acoustic The soundation assessment proved to be a great chance for me to investigate different genres and areas of music creation. Not only did this piece enable me to independently choose different sounds and beats to suit my own wishes and personal preferences when it comes to music, but it opened my eyes to the world of music and electronic music creation. I personally am a fan of EDM, Dubstep and Electronic music and even though

  • Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins: Article Analysis

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    The article focuses on the sonar of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins including its features and characteristics that make them unique to their lives. Dolphins have the widest frequency range of any animal since they are able to hear between 100 Hz and 150 kHz. The peak of the broadband clicks they make are between 120 kHz and 130 kHz and their signals can last from 40 to 70 μs. The source levels peak at 210 and 227 dB. Three experiments were made exploring the characteristics of the dolphin’s echolocating

  • The Pros And Cons Of Binaural Hearing

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    Humans spend most of their daily listening time in an environment that contains multiple sound sources. One aspect that allows normal-hearing listeners to determine the direction of sounds and to supress background noise is the comparison of acoustic information received from the two ears (i.e. binaural hearing). Binaural hearing provides the most important cues in the form of differences in the arrival time of sounds at the two ears (interaural time differences; ITDs) and differences in the level

  • Auditory Brainstem Response Paper

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    Auditory brainstem responses to complex sounds (cABRs) • Stimuli in the literature: • Vowels (both synthetic & natural) • CV syllables (synthetic, natural, & hybrid) • Words (ex: car, rose, chair) • Phrases (ex: chicken pot pie) • Environmental sounds • Non-speech vocal sounds (ex: a baby’s cry • Musical sounds and melodies Clinical Applications: The cABR is replicable across test sessions and reliably measured under passive conditions using a small number of electrodes. • Identify individuals

  • Noise Pollution In California

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    pollution is thought of as physical pieces of garbage, harmful chemical agents, or biological pollutants. However, another form of pollution that spreads across our oceans includes noise pollution from a variety of natural and man-made sources. Natural acoustic pollution can originate from sources such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, and noise from other organisms in the water (Weilgart 2007). Wilson et al. found that wind-driven waves contribute to ocean noise (1985) while Nystuen

  • Exemplification Essay: How Technology Affects Society

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    How Technology Affects Society Today, our world is run by technology and electronics. Technology has many positive impacts and created many advancements in society. Although there have been many creations and inventions making our lives easier, it comes at a cost. This is creating the current generation as well as future generations to evolve, but not in such a positive way. There is starting to be more of a negative change in newer generations, technology is improving. Technology creates

  • CAS Research Paper

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    (Shriberg et al., 2003) found only a 55% agreement between clinicians on 35 speech sounds in the differentiation between CAS and non-CAS groups. Furthermore, many children with CAS have co-occuring disorders and different compensatory behaviors (Strand, 2001). Despite the conflicting studies, there is a consensus among researchers that children with CAS will show deficits in one or more of the following areas: nonspeech motor behaviors, motor speech behaviors, metalinguistic awareness,

  • Speech Sound Disorders Paper

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    Introduction The study of the etiology of speech sound disorders (SSD) involves research into their relationship with genetic factors. The complexity of genetics leads researchers to take different approaches when pursuing investigations. Many studies analyze the association of speech and genetics by comparing and contrasting the speech traits of family members. Within this perspective, much research has been done on identical and fraternal twins. This method provides a qualitative understanding

  • Cleft Palate: A Case Study

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    Taking these individual components of speech and language difficulties into account, particularly velopharyngeal incompetence, Edmonson and Reinbartsen (1998) claim that the most affected sounds are /p, b, t, d, s, tʃ /. It is common for these sounds to become distorted because correct production requires closure of the velopharyngeal port. In the study performed by Broen et al. (1998) in which they investigated the acquisition of linguistic and cognitive skills of children with cleft palate,

  • Black Swan Film Analysis

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    Establishing and illustrating the concept of uncanny is a challenging endeavour, however music assists encourage the portrayal of this sensation, although as Sigmund Freud introduces that “the uncanny is that class of the frightening which leads back to what is known of old and long familiar.”[] To explain this with further precision, emerging from the homely and familiar there is this greater development towards something unusually disturbing the domestic setting and the feeling of the familiar

  • Noise In George Prochnik's In Pursuit Of Silence

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    Noise creates Damage Noise can be defined as a non-harmonious or discordant group of sounds, in other words an unpleasant or annoying sensation. Almost everyone knows of a particular noise that makes their stomach tight and jaw clench, for instance, nails on a chalk board or a siren. Although many think nothing of it, the reaction that the human body has to unpleasant and scattered noises is linked to stress, aggression and anger. George Prochnik, author of In Pursuit of Silence(2010), argues

  • How Do Sound Waves Affect Human Hearing

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    Sound Waves, Frequencies, and Human Hearing By: Hanan Sabovic Sound is made up of vibrations, or sound waves, that we can hear. These sound waves are formed by objects vibrating. Sound waves travel through air, water, and solid objects as vibrations. When they reach our ears, these waves make the skin of our eardrums vibrate. The brain recognizes these vibrations as sounds made by different things. Scientists have been making amazing discoveries about sound for many years. For example, vibrations

  • Longitudinal Waves Experiment

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    Introduction: A wave is a disturbance in the medium that transfers energy from one place to another, there are two types of waves; longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Longitudinal waves ' are waves that vibrate or travel in the direction of propagation; back and forth. Transverse waves ' are waves where the medium oscillates at right angles to the direction of the propagation; up and down. Sound waves are categorised as longitudinal waves as they produce oscillations, along with having compressions

  • CAS Comprehensive Assessment

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    Assessment Because the diagnostic criteria for CAS is not firmly established the challenge in diagnosis and assessment becomes differentiating CAS from other speech sound disorders such as speech delay and dysarthria and specific language impairment (SLI) (Lewis et al., 2004). Many other speech sound disorders show similar signs as those in children with CAS (McCabe, Rosenthal, & McLeod, 1998). Children suspected of having CAS are referred to a speech-language pathologist for a comprehensive

  • Songbirds To Illustrate The Role Of Vocal Development In Children

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    In this study conducted by Goldstein et al, experimenters used birdsong in songbirds to illustrate the development of speech in humans due to their similarities. This study challenged the traditional viewpoint of human vocal development that proposed learning to talk is an outcome caused by the maturation of infants. The study suggested that maturation perspective might be too narrow as it placed too much emphasis on internal causes and implied that infants could only play an inactive role in terms

  • Acoustic Guitar Research Paper

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    Acoustic Guitars for Beginners Tips on How to Select the Best Acoustic Guitar for You Nothing satisfies the soul like music and one of the most popular instruments for beginning wannabe rock stars and ballad writers is the ol’ six string – the acoustic guitar. There are hundreds of styles of acoustic guitars, so choosing the right fit for you can be a bit scary when you are new to playing! This article will guide you through the steps of picking out the very best acoustic guitar for your needs

  • Acoustic Reflection Analysis

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    obstructive sleep apnea sleeping on your side throughout the night is more beneficial (Kutbay et al., 2015). Efficent sleep has been highly linked to sleep posture, to determine the correlation between the two acoustic reflection technique is used. The assessment of upper airway area by acoustic reflections has been developed in the last 12 yrs, The technique is based on the analysis of sound waves reflected from the airways. Measurement of the amplitudes of the reflections and their times of arrival

  • Winston Yellen Night Bed Analysis

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    musical landscape, where artists skip from genre to genre without the blink of an eye, it can be surprising to see a change in musical direction the size of Night Beds’ newest record. Winston Yellen’s first album as Night Beds, Country Sleep, was acoustic to the core: songs like “Ramona”, “22”, and “Was I For You?” are passionate and melancholy, and Yellen’s unique voice felt at home set to strummed guitars and reverb-soaked keys. Consequently, it was a bit of a shock to turn on the lead single from

  • Stapedius Muscle Essay

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    cochlea. While the majority of these structures promote amplification of sound, the muscles of the middle ear actually serve to protect hearing from damage caused by loud sounds. The tensor tympani and stapedius muscle work together to activate the acoustic reflex when needed. The tensor tympani and the stapedius muscle serve to “increase resonant frequency of the middle ear to protect the inner ear from high sound pressure levels”(Pau, Punke, Zehlicke, Dressler, & Sievert, 2005). The stapedius

  • History Of Guitar Essay

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    guitars are the electric and acoustic guitars. The Electric Guitar is often thinner than other guitars and used in rock bands. The other one is the acoustic guitar, which is thicker and has a hole in the body. The biggest difference between them is that the acoustic guitar is used for lighter sounding songs and not heavy metal or rock songs. An Electric Guitar is used for more rock sounds and has a gritty sound. You can plug it in and make it a lot louder than an acoustic guitar. You can make an Electric