Anatoly Lyadov Essays

  • Analysis Of Igor Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring

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    The word “ballet” brings to mind words such as “grace” or “beauty” when heard by many people. The definition itself states that it is a form of dance that uses precise steps and light, graceful motions. This definition was in the minds of those who attended the Théâtre des Champs-Élysèes in May 1913, but rather they were greeted with the complete opposite. When Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Rite of Spring opened, the audience was greeted with swift, chaotic music that quickly became a whirlwind of sound

  • Multiculturalism In Ballet

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    Conclusion This study about Multiculturalism in Classical Ballet Companies Nowadays has revealed that multiculturalism is a complicated term. If multiculturalism can be denoted as the coexistence of diverse groups that share different cultural and ideological backgrounds, classical ballet companies can be defined as multicultural. Historically, already in the middle of the nineteenth century, when Marius Petipa emigrated to Saint-Petersburg and introduced in his masterpieces such as Swan Lake, the

  • Symbolism In The White Hotel

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    Representation of history in D. M. Thomas' novel The White Hotel At first, when I started to read the novel written by D.M. Thomas The White Hotel, I had the feeling that this novel is so vain and down to earth, gray, and the parts with letters are so boring. I was ashamed of myself that I didn't appreciate this book. Then when I came to the parts with erotic poems the disgust captured me and I wanted to throw this book away from me. But the part that (invoked the most emotions)(touched my feelings