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  • Architect Client Relationship

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    professionals, a successful Architect –Client relationship plays the most crucial part. Assuming that this relationship can be structured, the researchers have been developing models for a systematic strategy to address the problems and gaps in management of this relationship. In this research, I want to acknowledge the psychological and sociological perspective of this relationship and enhance our understanding of the problems of this relationship. A considerable percentage of architects in India work on

  • Essay On How To Become An Architect

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    Building the World the Arhitect Way Architects are the designers of buildings and other various structures. It is mandatory for architects to have a college degree; it is also vital that a person with this profession is creative and has the ability to draw well. Traveling to different places is one of the benefits of a career in architecture. Some architects do not care about their pay; they often focus on being creative, imaginative, and their drawing skills. Architects are expected to have impressive

  • Why Is The Architect Important To The Renaissance Architect

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    Why are the great Italian Renaissance architects more famous then their great Gothic predecessors? Discuss how and why the role and image of the architect changed during the Italian Renaissance. The question can be interpreted in a very straightforward manner by stating that the architects on the renaissance were simply better at designing and constructing and subsequently became more popular and famous. Even though that was a big contributor to the success of the renaissance I do not believe

  • Essay On Becoming An Architect

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    the world as we know it. Through architecture, there are architects. Architects are known as people people who organizes space. They design many different structures, they design houses and small buildings and sometimes even a city’s whole skyline. There are many different structures, as a result there are many branches of architectures. In the field of architecture; the many branches of it includes residential architect, commercial architect, landscape

  • Essay On Role Of An Architect

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    An architect is responsible for planning, designing and reviewing the construction of a building. Until a few decades ago, architects were only hired for commercial architecture projects since few people had the finances to hire one to design their home. However, things have changed now and people want to get their dream homes designed by an architect so that the home is not just comfortable to live in but also beautiful to look at. Since architects also overlook the safety and structural aspects

  • Fees In Architectural Practice

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    and legislation that govern how architects get paid. It intends to identify the architect's role, responsibilities and potential liabilities when providing a service to its prospective clients and advise a client, to clearly identify the service to be provided and to formalise the appointment. By analysing g these factors

  • The Importance Of Architectural Architecture

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    Africa. The SACAP abbreviation is used as a Council for Architects as it ables architects to work in a professional environment where the safety of registration takes

  • Antonio Gaudi Architecture

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    Antonio Gaudí was a man with a lot of imagination to make their works as the architecture was the means to show the perfection of nature and offer it to God and men. Antonio Gaudí was ahead of its time in many ways he management concepts such as sustainability and reuse only were applied many years later, Gaudi was a forerunner of ergonomics, precursor of the use of ruled surfaces (conoides, helical or ramps screw, paraboloids and hyperboloids) and the inclined columns, he created new techniques

  • Architecture In The Modern Age

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    shouts out the purpose for which it is built. A building no longer, not only serves the basic necessary requirements that it is meant to but instead it goes overboard on to add many extra elements which are maybe not required in the first place. Architects build and design today not to emphasize on the basic functions an purposes of the building, but to show the world how a simple building can be made so much more complex with extra design. The core of a building, its basic form, structure

  • Architecture In The Capital City

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    architecture has a language also through which we can identify the culture and society of a particular era. Architecture also discloses the desires, power struggles and material culture of a society along with the aesthetic and formal presence of an architect. As anthropologist Victor Buchli asserts, “Often the way to understand a given society is to understand the physical and, by metamorphic extension, the social architecture of its organization.” Where the architecture is employed, it reflects itself

  • Purpose Of Interior Design

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    Architect , interior designer or decorator ? These specialties have different names while their fields of intervention seem so close? So why ? It would be interesting to know what are the skills of each. Understanding it will allow you to find out more about choosing the right professional for you before embarking on your projects. WHICH SKILL FOR WHICH PROFESSION? The decoration focuses on choosing the color of the walls , the floor covering , the style and the size of the furniture . It does

  • Architecture Exhibition Essay

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    The role of an architecture exhibition on the example of Architecture Biennale in Venice Much uncertainty still exists about the way of presenting architecture and the exact role of an architectural exhibition. The term “exhibition” usually refers to any kind of display of art in finished forms, such as paintings, sculptures, installations, etc. Hence, following the famous quote by Frank Lloyd Wright “The mother of art is architecture”, architecture assuredly deserves to be exhibit. This dictum

  • The Importance Of Communication In Architecture

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    “im in charge approach” adapted by architects in the past is no longer a sustainable approach in a construction industry where competition is increasing among architectural practices and design-build contractors to secure the investment of potential clients. The aim of this report is highlight some of the key areas in architectural practice where communication skills play a pivotal role

  • P Gabor Associates Case Analysis

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    rofessional and Famous Architects Professional Architect Famous Architects Find Architect Assisting Architects Hire Professional Architect for Extraordinary Architecture Solutions P Gabor Associates is one of the renowned companies offering incomparable and a comprehensive Architectural Design Service. The company has years of experience in the industry and since inception is dedicated to offering solutions for both commercial and residential architectural designs. The company is passionate about

  • Architecture Purpose Statement

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    STATEMENT OF INTENT The view of a continuous line of window panes which stood like trees in an avenue often nudged my mind to reconsider what previously seemed quite obvious – is it possible to become an Architect who can proudly autograph the skyline of a city someday? And Yes, I did. Architecture was a natural choice for me than a career option. The joy of integrating Arts, Math and Functionality to a building gave me so much thrill. I always urged my acute imagination into designing buildings

  • Urban Morphology In Pakistan

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    Urban Morphology is defined as the study of the form of human settlements and the process of their formation and transformation. First of all, if we look at the history of urban planning and architecture, the regions or civilizations which lie within the current Pakistan were: Harrapa, Mohenjodaro, Mehr Garh and Gandhara. These cities were built on simple gridiron pattern and local materials were used for the construction purposes. Hierarchy of streets and well-developed drainage system was seen

  • Essay On Architectural History

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    Everything is seemingly connected in architectural history, as if there is an invisible synchronicity of sorts. I believe that studying architectural history at the graduate level will ultimately help me to better understand architectural design as well as art. I perceive history to be like the layers of a milfeulle pastry, delicate yet intricate in its composition, whereas the architectural design process is the opposite of this, in that it is abstract, but yet requires a sophisticated process

  • Comparison Of Urbanism And Architecture Of Frank Lloyd Wright

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    comparing the various theories regarding urbanism and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Situationists, and Maurice Culot & Leon Krier one cannot ignore the critical nature that their ideas were built upon. The differences that lie between these Architects and their ideas could not seem starker. Culot & Krier preferred an urban design that mirrors that of an ancient European village. Frank Lloyd Wright preferred developments of urban sprawl in his Broadacre City. The Situationists envisioned an endless

  • Essay On Construction Management

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    “Construction management is a bridge that connects creativity and reality”. An architect intending to pursue masters in construction management is quite unlikely. Not to mention I realized my interest for construction management as a student of architecture and as an architect in the construction industry. My inclination towards sketching buildings from my childhood has nurtured my interest for architecture. It is not the mere aesthetical elements that caught my attention but the transformation of

  • Standard Forms Of Contract Essay

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    general contracting route. The impetus was provided by the Malaysian Institute of Architects or Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) 2006 for its primary activity, i.e. building works. There are two types of PAM Contract 2006, one with quantities and one without quantities. The main difference can be seen in Clause 11 and Clause 12. Clause 11: Variations PAM with Quantities states that Quantity Surveyor and Architect are empowered to evaluate claims whereas PAM without Quantities is not mentioned.