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  • Architect-Client Relationship

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    professionals, a successful Architect –Client relationship plays the most crucial part. Assuming that this relationship can be structured, the researchers have been developing models for a systematic strategy to address the problems and gaps in management of this relationship. In this research, I want to acknowledge the psychological and sociological perspective of this relationship and enhance our understanding of the problems of this relationship. A considerable percentage of architects in India work on

  • P Gabor Associates Case Analysis

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    rofessional and Famous Architects Professional Architect Famous Architects Find Architect Assisting Architects Hire Professional Architect for Extraordinary Architecture Solutions P Gabor Associates is one of the renowned companies offering incomparable and a comprehensive Architectural Design Service. The company has years of experience in the industry and since inception is dedicated to offering solutions for both commercial and residential architectural designs. The company is passionate about

  • Architectural Fees In Architecture

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    and legislation that govern how architects get paid. It intends to identify the architect's role, responsibilities and potential liabilities when providing a service to its prospective clients and advise a client, to clearly identify the service to be provided and to formalise the appointment. By analysing g these factors

  • Difference Between Architecture And Interior Design

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    elements are in fact closely related to architecture. Experienced interior designers and architects both employ scientific as well as artistic skills to qualify in creating or designing spaces that solve problems or meet the requirements of building owners and that is done through spatial design and planning. The spaces created should be pleasingly structured, safe and functional. Generally speaking, Architects and interior designers creative and artistic individuals who usually have cross-over skills

  • The Importance Of Tectonics In Architecture

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    architectonics is the basis for careful consideration of materials and as such, inevitably leads to a design outcome with more significance. Since the exploration of materiality is part of such an important process, it comes as no surprise as to why certain architects use tectonics for the materialisation of their design strategies. Japanese architecture

  • Frampton: Modern Avant-Garde Architecture

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    modern avant-garde architecture, Frampton constituted a theoretical background representing critical regionalism. In addition to that critical regionalism adopts the principle of the tectonic reality and place in architecture. In other words, the architect should create the tectonic reality by using the physical dimensions of the site consisting of topography, climate; the sensual features consisting of light, heat, weather movements as well as the visual features and even the materials that are taken

  • Christopher Wren's Cathedral

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    Does St. Stevens church demonstrate what Christopher Wren intended for the church that stands today? Christopher Wren was one of pioneering architects of the rebuilding of the London Churches after the great fire of London in 1666. However, before he was an architect he was a scientist, mathematician, an astronomer and had gathered interests in cosmology, mechanics, microscopy, surveying, medicine and meteorology. In this essay I will be looking at St. Stephens, a church he was commissioned to

  • Roles Of Daylight In Architecture

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    Bielfeld (p.13) Based on Nova Scotia Association of Architects (2014), Architecture is the art, science, and business of building; and in line with this are we, the Architects, who are described by the word versatile. We create and build designs for a certain structure such as a residential home, office, skyscrapers, schools, malls, parks, churches, etc. Everything starts with a commission-or contract- from a client who demands something an architect must give. Steven Hall (2013) described Architecture

  • Postmodern Architecture

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    to build the form using materials like glass and steel to create the void effect. Thereby, the perceptual void in the form is actually created depending on the effect of transparency created by the material. (Rowe and Slutzky, 1963) Unlike other architects who sought to solidify the void, Koolhaas seeks to capture its energy by conceptualizing the void as a latent force contained between layers of solid floors. (Koolhaas, 1995a) The Jussieu Libraries at Jussieu Campus is one of the greatest buildings

  • Essay On Welding Career

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    Career and College research paper The career i have chosen is welding. welders do all kinds of stuff. The certain thing i wanna do in welding is an iron worker. Iron workers weld up any kind of metal. They develop, process, and test materials. They build buildings, weld pipe for the oilfield. They also make weld the frame for bridges. You have to be certified to get a welding job anywhere and a certification is a license that you test over you weld plates pipe or whatever you 're gonna test over

  • Architectural Expression: Art (Kunst)

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    economy, and above all technology.39 However, the architectural expression of the essence of this 'Technological Age' was not equivalent to the literal, direct display of the building's skeleton as in a work of engineering.40 Even if intended by the architect, this direct exposure was often hampered by the other various factors that influenced the architectural design, such as the fireproof regulations, as notably exemplified by Mies's buildings in Chicago. Moreover, an essential expression entailed the

  • The Importance Of Autonomy

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    My preferences are INTJ. Some call it, the architect. Others call it, the mastermind. Either one sound pretty cool if I am being honest. Systems and decisions that are not just good in the moment but that potentially change how things are done forever are right up my ally. An idealist? Yes. But, not blindly or based off of emotion. Instead vision is thought through, rationalized and then acted on. I’m not the best socially but I consider myself to have some EI and continue to strive to enact what

  • Building Energy Analysis

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    3 MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY 3.0 INTRODUCTION Energy analysis of buildings helps to simulate the amount of energy used in a building. It is very important as it helps to discover and ascertain new ways of conserving energy and ensuring energy efficiency of building components. Building developers, construction engineers are increasingly interested in creating more energy efficient reason, and for this purpose whole building energy simulation programs are being used to determine strategies that save

  • Postmodernism In Architecture

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    In this essay that follows, my main intention is to critically analyse a postmodernist architect according to the characteristics, concepts and ideologies of Postmodernism. I will be unpacking the connection between postmodernism and my architect. I have found two key examples that shall be utilized for a visual analysis to substantiate the point that I am putting across. What is postmodernism? According to Hart (2004:14) “Post modernism is an open set of approaches, attitudes and styles to art

  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Marietta Cobb Museum Of Art

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    On November 10th I visited the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. The museum is located in southern colonial building in Marietta Square. The building use to be a Post office back in 1910 but later became the art museum in 1990. The museum tries to focus on American art. The exhibit that I viewed was named Perception by artist David Kessler, John Petrey, and Isaac Payne. The exhibit is meant to show different point of views on how we perceive the world. The piece of artwork that stood out to me as I walked

  • The Haunted House Analysis

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    The house is the most familiar thing to. The uncanny is about the familiar made strange “a hidden familiar thing that has undergone repression an emerged from it” . In architecture this can relate to your initial read of the building in relation to its surroundings and our subconscious expectation of the building based on previous experiences. The expectation of the old/known/familiar but actually it isn’t really exactly as you envisaged it, something has been shifted and altered to make you question

  • Wessfarmers: Product Transversification Strategies

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    campaign to convince architects, builders, engineers to design multi- story office blocks using steel rather than concrete for the structural frame of buildings. Product diversification involves addition of new products to existing products either being manufactured or being marketed. Expansion of the existing product line with related products is one such method adopted by many businesses. Adding tooth brushes to tooth paste or tooth powders or mouthwash under the same brand or under different brands

  • Conditional Pay Clause In Construction

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    An example of such a provision is found in section 4.7 of Document A401-2007 on the regulated types of agreements between contractors and subcontractor (American Institute of Architects, 2007, p.7). According to the provision, upon seven days of the contractor failing to pay the subcontractor through no fault of the subcontractor, the subcontractor shall stop the work until the contractor pays him (AIA, 2007, p.3). Another way

  • RIBA Design Plan

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    The 40 x 50m detached high rise office building of 60-storey high with 3-storey basement of 14m deep is to be built in a construction site of 90 x 100m in urban area. According to the RIBA plan of works, there are several stages including preparation, design, pre-construction, construction and use. The work progress will be shown as follows. Preparation First of all .In the preparation stage, the Appraisal and Design Brief are needed. It needs to gain a full understanding of the both ‘user clients’

  • The Importance Of Backhoe Excavation

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    Excavation is an important job in mining, earth removal and general earthworks. Excavation output (amount of work done), efficiency (cost of work done in expressions of labor and machinery) and operator safety, mainly in underground mining or in the removal of hazardous waste are constantly under pressure from industry. After decades of increasing in machine size and power, now practical limits are being approached and automation is being required for further improvements. In addition, computing