BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role Essays

  • How Did Audrey Hepburn Revolutionized The Acting World

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    around the world. An example of one of her projects is the “AudreyBag”. It is a bag that is according to Hepburn herself "Finally, something to go with that little black dress." During her acting career she won 1 Academy Award, 1 Emmy, 3 Golden Globes, 1 Grammy, and Tony Awards according to

  • The Quiet American Film Analysis

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    critic Moira Macdonald. The director has been nominated and has accepted several awards for his directing in Australia. The lead actor in the film Michael Cain, well-known, because he had previously been nominated and won awards for several roles. More specifically and significantly, he had been nominated for six Oscar awards and he had won two of them for best supporting actor. From the sheer amount of award nominations, one can conclude that the lead actor had a substantial amount of filmography

  • Short Biography: Emma Watson's Amazing Life

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    Watson is a very gifted woman with many skills including acting and modeling while leading an amazing life. Emma’s acting career has had many high moments. All of her acting started at a young age when she played a role in the movie Harry Potter. She has had many more opportunities after that which she had to do around her schooling schedule. In total Emma has been in about twenty movies and she has also won many awards. Emma’s childhood started at six pm on April 15th, 1990. Her full name is Emma