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  • Kathrine In The Movie 'Cruel Intentions'

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    A hero in the movie Cruel Intentions is Annete Hargrove. The heroine nature of Annette is illustrated at the end of the movie. Despite the fact that the faced with the demise of her boyfriend, there id freedom with regard to the exposure of the filthy character of Kathrine (Chambers, 2001). The filthy character of Kathrine is portrayed at different instances as shown the following sets of events. The movie begins by portraying the image of social perception of Kathrine who tries to turn Cecil Cardwell

  • Chitra Banerjee's 'The Palace Of Illusions'

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    ‘The Palace of Illusions’ is based on the great epic ‘Mahabharata’. In this novel chitra Banerjee visualize the world through ‘Draupadi’, envisioned by feministic view and nature. Draupadi who is protagonist of the novel, and supreme born, who is known as ‘yagnaseini’ which means ‘born from the fire’ and ‘being a fire’. As a boon she has offered by the gods to the request of king Dhurupad along with his lovely elder brother Dhristathyumna. To the Unquenching thirst of Durupad’s vengeance towards

  • Pulicat Lake Essay

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    Nestled on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Pulicat Lake is India's second largest lagoon. Although 90% of the lake falls in Andhra Pradesh, the other 10% comes under Protected Areas of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful lake comes under 'brackish water' lakes, that is, it is saltier than freshwater but not as much as seawater. Previously known as “Pralaya Kaveri”, Pulicat Lake is home to a wide range of aquatic creatures and birds. Therefore the lake has been turned into a bird sanctuary.

  • The Flower Of Good Fortune Character Analysis

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    Traditionally, the whole play is composed of fourteen scenes and is enacted during one whole night. Today, however, the vast majority of performances only include two to five of the fourteen scenes . An actor who would like to undertake the role of Bhima, the protagonist of The Flower of Good Fortune, in the traditional Kathakali style would have to have an informed knowledge of the symbolic hand gestures, called hasta mudras, used to portray both thematic and literal elements in the piece itself.

  • The Krishna River In India

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    river enters Karnataka at Kurundwad, 60 km from Kolhapur. In Karnataka, the river passes through the Belgaum, Bijapur and Gulbarga districts, covering a total distance of 220 km. The main stream of the Krishna River has two major tributaries, the Bhima River in the north and the Tungabhadra River from the

  • Rainfall Relationship Essay

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    Rainfall and runoff are the important components which contribute significantly to the hydrological cycle, in designing different hydrological structures and morphology of the drainage system. The relationship between rainfall and runoff is a complex hydrological phenomenon as it involves various temporal and spatial variations in the physical processes of watersheds as well as rainfall pattern over the region. Therefore, rainfall-runoff relationship study is useful from management of water resources

  • Women In The Mahabharata War

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    sustained political alliances with foresight and sagacity. After the war she, along with Dritharastra, Gandhari and Vidura, decided to retreat into the forest. When Bhima questioned her as to why she urged them to fight, in the first place, if she chose to go away leaving them all behind after everything was done. Kunti consoles Bhima by stating that she inspired them to fight not because she desired for a kingdom but because she desired an honorable life for her sons and that they should not live

  • The Role Of Lord Krishna With Reference To Mahabharata

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    Lord Krishna as a Diplomat with reference to Mahabharata Lord Krishna is the lord of almighty. He is a symbol of Peace, Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity. It is a well known fact that Lord Krishna is known for his friendship and caring and helpful nature. His friendship with Sudama is very famous and is known by everyone throughout the world. He treated everyone equally and was against caste discrimination. People used to idealise his friendship with Sudama as he treated him equally and though he

  • Uruvi's Love With Karna Analysis

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    They fulfilled her all wishes. They wanted her daughter to be happy always that’s why they agreed for her marriage with Karna. Swayamvara was conducted by her father so that she herself can choose her suitor. Uruvi was intelligent and curious child. She had a special power to heal the sick and hurt people. Uruvi also loved her parents. She was her father’s child, never forgetting for a moment that she should never fail her father. She always wanted to be like him, intelligent and sensible, though

  • Chola Kingdom Essay

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    Chola Kingdom With accordance to the Tamil tradition, the old Chola country comprised of the region which includes the modern-day Tiruchirappalli District, and the Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu state. The river Kaveri and its tributaries dominate the landscape of the flat country that gradually slopes to the sea, uninterrupted by major hills or valleys. The river Kaveri, also known as Ponni River, had a significant place in the Culture of Cholas. The yearly floods in the Kaveri manifest for celebration

  • The Patriarchy In Laxmibai Tilak

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    The mainstream women have to follow the male members in the family in respect of their caste identity. The women are monitored in the family by the patriarchy. The patriarchy subjugates them to control the purity of the caste. The patriarchy is evident through not only male characters but also the female characters. It is the mindset of these characters. The women are paralyzed for their separate position and dignity in the society. They have depended on their husbands or male members in the family

  • Panch Kedar Religion

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    five different forms of the Hindu god Shiva.According to legend, the Pandavas, guilty at having killed their own brothers, the Kauravas, sought penance from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva eluded them and when detected,transformed into a bull. Apparently, Bhima, one of the Pandavas, tried to hold on to the bull but it disappeared into the earth leaving only its hump behind.The remaining parts of the bull appeared in Tungnath, Rudranath, Madhmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar. These four shrines, along with Kedarnath

  • Figure Of Speech In Mahabharata

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    Topic and Position This kind of text can be categorized under spiritual and mythological text. The eighth book of the Mahabharata praises Karna 's warrior abilities. He defeats four of five Pandava brothers - Yudhisthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sahdeva. However, Karna does not kill any of them in order to keep his commitment to Kunti - the biological mother of Pandavas and his - to not harm his four step brothers, but only kill Arjuna. A fierce battle between Arjuna and Ashvatthama (Son of Drona) is

  • The Role Of Suffering In The Mahabharata

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    tried to maintain a balance between the characters of Bhima and Duryodhana as well as Dushasana. She takes the story to the bitter end culminating not in the victory but its aftermath thereby leaving the reader with a sense of the futility of war, deprived of access to such power. Marvels and Mysteries of the Mahabharata (2013) by Abhijit Basu, with its lucid and engaging narrative, seeks to unravel some of the enigmas; the characters of Vyasa, Krishna, Yudhishthira, Arjuna and Draupadi; aspects

  • Eight Shrines Of Lord Ganesha

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    Description Ashtavinayaka Temples refer to the eight Shrines of Lord Ganesha situated in Maharashtra state of India. The Ashtavinayaka Yatra is the pilgrimage covering these eight holy abodes of Ganesha in and around Pune District of Maharashtra. Out of these 8 Temples 6 are in Pune and 2 are in Raigad District. Lord Ganesha the elephant faced God is usually worshiped first before any other worship service is carried out to any other deity. "Vinayaka" is another name of Lord Ganesh, the God loved

  • What Is The Role Of Climate Change In The 21st Century

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    740 54' East. It is bounded by Pune district to the north, Solapur district to the east, Sangli district to the south and Ratnagiri district to the west. Raigad district lies to its north-west. Satara district is situated in the river basins of the Bhima and Krishna. The climate of the Satara district on the whole is agreeable. The climate ranges from the rainiest in the Mahabaleshwar region, which has an average annual all of over 5000 mm to the driest in Man tahsil where the average annual rainfall

  • Bird In The Sky Analysis

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    Brilliant Work of Art Basavaraj Naikar, Bird in the Sky, Bengaluru: CVG Books. 2015. Pp.198. Rs. 295. Dr. Basavaraj Naikar, an eminent scholar, a renowned teacher, an internationally reputed creative writer and highly decorated for his enviable accomplishments in richly varied and vast areas in literatures and translations, is a writer of this religio-spiritual novel, a rarely attempted genre, Bird in the Sky. I was scared and dumb-pale when I was asked to write a review of this hagiographical novel

  • Lord Krishnan Character Analysis

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    Lord Krishna the great Avatar- the Self Realized being who has attained the status of Brahman- the most important character in Bhagavad Geetha Lord Krishna was born in a prison as the son of Devaki, the cousin of King Kamsa and Vasudeva who belonged to the Vrishsni clan of Yadu dynasty. Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva as soon as they got married, as a voice from the Space told him that the eighth child of Devaki would kill him. Fearing this prophecy Kamsa the evil minded one who

  • Character Analysis Of Mahabharata

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    drama film, directed by Amaan Khan and produced by Kushal Kantilal Gada and Dhaval Jayantilal Gada. The voice cast comprised of Bollywood Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan as Bhishma, Ajay Devgan as Arjuna, Shatrughan Sinha as Krishna, Sunny Deol as Bhima , Anil Kapoor as Karna , Vidya Balan as Draupadi, Manoj Bajpayee as Yudhisthira, Anupam Kher as Shakuni , Deepti Naval as Kunti , Jackie Shroff as Duryodhana , Vrajesh Hirjee as Dushasana and Chandrakant Nayak as Dhritarashtra. The story of the movie

  • ICT In Agriculture In Karnataka

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    ICT in Agriculture in Karnataka. Profile of the state - Karnataka Karnataka is located in South West part of India. Karnataka has a total geographical area of 19.17 m.ha and lies between 74o -78°30' east longitude and 10°58- 18°30' north latitude in the peninsular India. It was created on 1 November 1956, by States Reorganization Act. This day is annually celebrated as Karnataka Rajyotsava (Formation Day). Karnataka was known as the State of Mysore originally. It was renamed as Karnataka in 1973