Bureau of Land Management Essays

  • Hammond Arson Case Study

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    The topic of federal ownership of public lands has long been a controversial topic in the Western United States, and is only becoming more of an issue in the 21st century. The federal government owns 47% of the land in the West, compared to only 4% in the rest of the states in the country – excluding Alaska and Hawaii (12). In some states, such as Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, the majority of the land is controlled by the federal government. There have been a handful of incidents where anti-government

  • Persuasive Essay On Equestrian Sports

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    Equestrian sports have been entertaining humans for centuries. Many of these sports have turned fun entertainment into a business. The focus has changed from having fun to making as much money as possible. In every equestrian sport, questionable things are done to train and get horses to their “best” potential. Equestrian sports should have stricter regulations and enforcement in order to ensure and maintain the safety of the horse. The “Big Lick” gait should be banned from all horse shows due

  • Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of Waterfowl

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    Introduction While trying to find a topic to research and write about, I attempted to comb my brain in search of my greatest passions. Ideas such as sports, trucks, and politics stood out as potentials, but I quickly discarded the collection in favor of my more hotly burning passion: duck hunting. Ducks dominate my thoughts and dreams in an overwhelming fashion. The pursuit of waterfowl has influenced my life in a myriad of ways, such as impacting my college choices, affecting how I spend my time

  • The Pros And Cons Of Oil Fracking

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    Oil fracking has caused a lot of controversy the last couple years. Many believe that it is causing more harm than good. The House Committee of Natural Recourses had an entire meeting discussing oil fracking on federal managed and Native Lands. It also uses an incredible amount of water and chemicals. Many believe that this is the causation of many earthquakes that have occurred in the last years. Water contaminations are a possible risk of fracking. With all the chemicals used for oil fracking

  • Wild Horse Management Research Paper

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    The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have a legal responsibility under the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act to ensure that protected wild horses on federal lands do not end up being rounded up or slaughtered. There are several ways to get involved in helping save the Salt River wild horses and other wild horses in the US. You could sign the petitions or contact advocacy groups who organize events, legally intervene to halt roundups, and work with the government agencies

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Robert Redford's Protecting Our Wild Horses

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    Robert Redford’s “Protecting Our Wild Horses” is a persuasive essay that was written to congress addressing the preservation of the horse’s habitat. In the text he effectively builds a common ground with him and the reader, he gives statistics, and uses inclusive language to strengthen his rhetoric and makes this article compelling to anyone. Redford tries to evoke a sense of patriotism amongst his audience in order to persuade them to take a stand in protecting this countries wild horses. The author

  • Wildlife Conservation: Questions And Answers

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    only so much land is grassland. It is imperative that we as a nation do all we can to conserve the rangeland for future generations. With increasing populations, land use changes will continue to carve into the rangeland for industrial uses, cropland, and built up areas. Rangeland not only supplies agricultural products but holds essential

  • Wild Horses History

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    wild horses roaming the plains of Arizona. Thousands of wild mustangs, descendants of animals ridden by Spanish conquistadors and Indian warriors were rounded up and slaughtered for pet food. Today there are only 500 wild horses remaining on public lands. The Forest Service was mandated by the Wild Free Horse and Burro Act in 1971 to establish wild horse territories where they existed at the time. Even though the Forest Service admits the Salt River wild horses were present at the time, they did not

  • Persuasive Essay On Oil Spill

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    “In the BP Oil Spill, more than 200 million gallons of crude oil was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico for a total of 87 days, making it the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.” BP has killed thousands of marine wildlife do to the oil spill. “These guys here certainly will survive for a while. But the ones that can 't swim as fast, they 're called prey.” - Stanley D. Rice, U.S. witness. Biological diversity has estimated that the oil spill has killed around 82,000 birds, 6,165 sea turtles, and at least

  • Tribal Hunting Rights

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    of these lands. This paper explains the Treaty of 1855 and what it led to (CTUIR Tribal Hunting Rights Reserved in 1855 Treaty). The Treaty of 1855 When Tribal leaders negotiated the Treaty of 1855 with the U.S. Government on June 9, 1855, they ceded to the United States some 6.4 million acres of land in what is now Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon while retaining the Reservation as a permanent homeland (Treaty of 1855). Despite giving up its ownership rights to the ceded lands, the Confederated

  • Natural Gas Fracking: Hydraulic Fracturing

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    Introduction Hydraulic Fracturing, commonly called hydrofracking or fracking is the process of drilling holes deep into the ground and pushing enormous amounts of water, sand, and chemicals into the holes to break up sedimentary rock in order for natural gas to escape (CDC, 2012). Moreover, hydraulic fracturing impacts the environment by contaminating the ground water, and affects the health of people, especially the workers that retrieve the natural gas and the animals living in towns

  • Shawnee Policy Analysis

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    The city of Shawnee is deeply rooted in the history of Kansas, and even that of the United States of America. With the name that is connected to the Indian tribe known as the Shawnee, and how the area was connected to the frontier days of our history, the city of Shawnee is a living historical site. In this paper I will discuss the history and current state of Shawnee, the connection to the four traditional public administration values, and provide an overview on important policy changes from the

  • Free Argumentative Essays: Is Hunting Right?

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    Today’s techies go into the woods with their hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) and get lost because they do not know the basics of land navigation (Zumbo, 2007). Does this give the hunters an unfair advantage? Can the animals adapt and protect themselves from these new advances? Many of these new advances are just recreations of techniques used by other animals that hunt their prey

  • Cliven Bundy's Civil Disobedience

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    state of Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management contradicted him and took him into a federal court. After, many years of arranged settlement over the $1.2 million that Bundy owes in fees failed. So, the federal land agents started to confiscate over hundreds of his rare breed cattle that has been wrongly browsing on public land. While in court his claim over how the land belongs to Nevada didn’t hold up at all. His affirmation of inheriting an ancestral right to use the land didn’t hold up either

  • Native American Racial Tensions

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    Native American Civil Rights Since the Age of Discovery, the United States of America has failed to make great strides in civil rights concerning Native Americans. Since the Europeans first landed in the Americas, there has been racial, ethnic, and religious tension with the native people. The tensions and the issues that arose from them are still a major issue in present times. Examples of these racial tensions can be seen in literary works throughout United States history. It will be interesting

  • Response To Hurricane Katrina

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    the request made through the federal National Guard was not sent until Wednesday, 24 hours after the hurricane made land fall and much of the city was already under water, the Governor said that she didn't understand the types and number of troops needed. Governor Blanco also failed to intact a pact with other states that would have allowed her to move pass the National Guard Bureau in a quest for more troops. Many of the problems that rose developed from lousey planning and back-up communications

  • The Importance Of Silko's Identity In The Way To Rainy Mountain

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    Leslie Marmon Silko’s identity comes out into her fictional main character: Tayo. In fact, the realness of Tayo comes out in every character, even Auntie. The palpable feeling no doubt comes from Silko. As a white, Mexican, Laguna Pueblo Indian, there is little doubt in my, or any one’s mind that in some way Tayo is based off herself. Strangely, Tayo is not only a real, flushed out character; he works as a symbol of the clashing of the increasing cross-sections of white and Indian society. Tayo is

  • A Case Study: Turnover Among Nurses

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    as Kisumu District of the former Nyanza Province in western Kenya. Its headquarters is Kisumu City, also considered as an important urban area in western Kenya. The land area of Kisumu County totals 2085.9 km², with a total population of approximately 968,909 with an average fertility rate of 4.8 children per woman (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2010). Kisumu County borders Siaya County to the West, Vihiga County to the North, Nandi County to the North East, Kericho County to the East, Nyamira

  • Birds Nest Aquifer 3d Model Case Study

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    Figure 12. Birds Nest Aquifer 3D Model - Top view. (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, n.d.) Created using an isometric drawing tool. (not to scale) Figure 13. Birds Nest Aquifer 3D Model - Bottom view. (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, n.d.) Created using an isometric drawing tool. (not to scale) METHOD The formula used to get the aquifer is the same general formula used to get the volume for pools and ponds. The result will be given in gallons and will then be converted

  • Gypsy Vanner Research Paper

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    The Bureau of Land Management manages the U.S. mustang population and allows the horses run free on 34 million acres of public land. About 271,000 mustangs have been removed from private land by the government since 1971, according to the American Wild Horse Preservation Organization. Most of the mustang populations are found in the Western states