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  • Christina Rossetti Goblin Market Symbolism

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    her poem “Goblin Market” Christina Rossetti offers a social critique of the rigid categories of women in the Victorian period; Rossetti’s poem draws upon the notion of “the angel in the house”- the ideal Victorian woman who is dedicated to her husband, submissive, and ‘pure’. To assert her critique, Rossetti incorporates the concept of “the fallen woman”- an impure woman who has “fallen” from her “angel” position resulting from sexual transgression. Concurrently, Rossetti employs biblical elements

  • Women In Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

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    Market is a poem that imaginatively blurs the lines between childish innocence and female empowerment. Christina Rossetti ingeniously uses the form of a children 's fairy-tale, in which two young women battle their way through the toil and torment of goblin men selling mystical and desperately desirable fruit, to create a fantasy of freedom and heroism, celebrating female solidarity. Rossetti uses this simple form, to not only enable the appreciation of a wider audience, but also to drastically

  • Remember Christina Rossetti Analysis

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    Both poems, ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti and ‘Song Ae Fond Kiss’ by Robert Burns, explores the idea of loss and love. In both poems the love is both cherished and peaceful, yet saddening. ‘Remember’ is a Petrarchan sonnet in iambic pentameter. It consists of an ABBA octave and a CDE sestet. The rhyming patterns in this sonnet are shown to be cyclical indicating that things come back to where they started. The first 8 lines of the poem are about the speaker saying how her beloved should remember

  • Romantic Themes In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    In Mary Shelley’s iconic gothic novel, Frankenstein, Romantic themes are strongly represented in order to propagandize Romanticism over the elements of knowledge and the Enlightenment. In her novel, Shelley uses gothic nature settings to foreshadow dark events that are about to happen. She also uses nature to intensify the effect that is brought during significant scenes, a strong example being, when Victor Frankenstein’s monster approaches him after a long period of time. Nature and its use to influence

  • Literary Elements In The Raven

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    In “the Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, he perpetuates a sense of gothicism throughout the poem by using literary elements along with structure in both his stanzas and setting. In the poem, the narrator is grieving over the death of his beloved, Lenore; as a result, produces a sense of melancholy carried across the poem. As the poem develops, it is suggested that he has little desire to mend his sorrow and would rather consume himself in melancholy. Poe carries out the gothicism throughout the poem by

  • Dolls In Karnad's Hayavadana

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    Karnad’s Hayavadana explores the fashionable dilemma of identity crisis from a modern outlook based on Indian mythical folklore. In the play, Karnad uses dolls as a significant conventional motif of folk theatre to create a bizarre mythical world. Through the presence of dolls, Karnad presents Hayavadana with elements of Brechtian epic theatre such as alienating effect and problematizing empathy. By engaging the audience with a fictional world that is distanced from a reality, Karnad draws links

  • What Thing Is Love George Peele Analysis

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    What Thing Is Love, written by George Peele, is a poem in which the true meaning of love is questioned by the persona. The theme of unrequited love plays a significant role in the poem, which can be seen through the poet’s usage of meter, rhyme scheme, metaphor and personification The meter used in the poem is one of the ways George Peele expresses the theme of unrequited love. In the beginning of the poem, iambic pentameter is the metrical feet used. For example, the line ‘what thing is love-for

  • Gender Representation In The Horror Film Analysis

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    How is gender represented in the horror or comedy films you have studied for this topic? British films in the horror genre tend to represent women as weak and vulnerable or as sexual characters who are beneficial for the male gaze. However, this is different for ‘The Descent’ because this contemporary horror film uses an all girl’s cast but in this context women are presented as masculine-feminine which is an interpretation that increases when Marshall provides an opportunity for the women to show

  • A Textual Analysis Of Goblin Market By Christina Rossetti

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    ENL 102 - VICTORIAN LITERATURE A textual analysis of Goblin Market, lines 394-446, from “One call'd her proud,“ to “Some vanish'd in the distance.“ About a century before the poem Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti was written, a political philosopher Edmund Burke is presumed to state that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” This extract of the poem takes place shortly after Lizzie decides to overcome her fear and simultaneously break her own judgement

  • Sexual Language In Goblin Market By Christina Rossetti

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    In this essay, I will be talking about Christina Rossetti 's poem Goblin Market. Goblin market is Rossetti 's best known poem that contains many themes like the idea of the forbidden fruit, sisterhood, gothic, prostitution, gender roles and sexuality. Goblin Market was originally known as a moral fairytale for children. But researchers disregarded it as a children 's fairytale because of its misleading form and they focused on its real core, which was recognized throughout the poem by the persistent

  • Characterism In Desiree's Baby, By Kate Chopin

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    The short story, “Desiree’s Baby”, by Kate Chopin addresses several issues that played a major role in the Antebellum South. Desiree, abandoned as a child, receives new hope when she is found and raised by Madame Valmonde. At a young age, Desiree quickly falls in love with Armand, who would later cause destruction and misery in their marriage. With the birth of their child, Armand and Desiree face racial tensions and conflicts within themselves. Throughout the story, Chopin shows the prominent role

  • Sorrows Of The Moon Analysis

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    152074 Lit 14 – Introduction to Poetry and Drama Memory of Yesternight: Analysis of Sorrows of the Moon In Charles Baudelaire’s Sorrows of the Moon, the moon is imagined as a woman. With this attribution, the moon is given the privilege of being seen and treated as a lady throughout the poem thus referring to it as a “she” rather than an “it”. In the first two lines of the poem, This evening the moon dreams more lazily/As some fair woman, lost in cushion sleep, the moon is at once

  • Responsible Character Analysis

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    “You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions.” A quote by Steve Maraboli explains how the choices you make affect the way you show off your character to other people. Many people these days character is not very good or they don’t show all the pillars of character. Well, my very close friend named Rosie shows that she has a good character and the way she acts follows the pillars. The reason Rosie is such a great person is that she follows the six pillars of character which

  • The Roles Of Women In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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    Kate Chopin’s The Awakening is a piece of fiction written in the nineteenth century. The protagonist Edna is a controversial character, Edna rebels against many nineteenth - century traditions, but her close friend Adele was a perfect example in terms of a role of a woman, mother and wife at that time. Chopin uses contrast characters to highlight the difference between Adele and Edna. Although they are both married women in the nineteenth century, they also exhibit many different views about what

  • Argumentative Essay On Black Lives Matter

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    A cause of corruption, discrimination and inequality, the cause of death of many innocent lives. Throughout the long history, racism has been a subject of much debate, most notably in The United states of America. There have been numerous actions that suggest that racial inequality might still be intact with America’s modern society, such as the extreme violence shown by the police that has been roaming all over social media recently. This has eventually led to the creation of the controversial “Black

  • Anshul Movie Reaction

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    Anshul (Kartik Aaryan), Siddharth (Sunny Singh Nijjar) and Tharun (Omkar Kapoor) are best friends who share a flat. Anshul meets Ruchika (Nushrat Bharucha) during a party, gives her his mobile number and their relationship begins. Siddharth comes across Supriya (Sonnalli Seygall) at a wedding program and immediately falls in love, hoping to get married to her as soon as possible. Tharun meets Kusum (Ishita Raj) while at the gym and with his infatuation, their love story begins. But all these three

  • Bollywood Actress

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    Bollywood is considered to be the world’s biggest movies industry after Hollywood. We have seen some remarkable performances by B town actors in their movies. Industry which is dominated by men we have seen some outstanding actresses as well. People love to watch actresses in the movies. Their hot and bold characters always entertain audience. We compiled this list of Bollywood Top 10 Hottest Actresses of Bollywood. Take a Cool look at Top 10 Hottest Actresses of Bollywood 1. Priyanka Chopra The

  • Argumentative Speech On Beauty Pageants

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    Introduction Beauty Pageants are a relic of an old era- where objectifying women was the norm. Pageants would struggle to pull off a delicate balancing act -- objectifying women while providing them with real opportunities; promoting traditional roles while encouraging women's independence; glorifying feminine modesty while trading on female sexuality. Along the way, it would come to be a barometer of the nation's shifting ideas about American womanhood. With the advent of feminist movement in 20th

  • Where The Gods Fly Analysis

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    It can be extremely difficult to move to a new country. You do not have any family, friends or familiar faces and you have to start a completely new life in a land with a different language and culture. This is what Jean Kwok writes about in her short story Where The Gods Fly written in 2012. Where a mother has to decide if she should take her daughter out of her dance classes. Is it fair for the mother to take away something her daughter loves so much? The short story is about a Chinese immigrant

  • Transformative Moment In Life

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    Most transformative moments in life can be caused by the smallest of occurrences in life. Often people do not even realize that a pivotal moment in their life is happening. Someone may realize when they are mature enough that there was one special moment during their childhood that ultimately determined their lifelong goal. For others, they probably realized an “aha” moment right when it happened and from then on decided that they knew what they want to accomplish later on. I actually have taken