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  • Computer Graphics In Computer Designs

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    COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONS PC designs are pictures and movies made utilizing PCs. For the most part, the term alludes to PC produced picture information made with assistance from particular graphical equipment and programming. It is a tremendous and late zone in software engineering. The expression was begat in 1960, by PC designs specialists Verne Hudson and William Fetter of Boeing. It is regularly abridged as CG, however in some cases mistakenly alluded to as PC produced

  • Shading Technique In Computer Graphics

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    prototypes. Virtual graphics provides multidimensional views and is very effective. When the geometric model of an object is prepared and is transformed according to the viewing

  • Essay On Computer Graphics And Animation

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    The main aim of this research article is to study the impact of computer graphics and animation in film media. In this fast developing information society computer graphics and animation has become the most important communication tool. The development of the film media and the progress of computer graphics and animation are intimately related to each other in many ways. The film media not only provide information and entertainment, but they also provide directly and indirectly many opportunities

  • History Of British Animation

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION Animation is a series of graphs stationary (fixed) display using multiple frames continuously form the illusion of movement. Including movement animation tools so complex movements such as the movement of water and wind. movement of the frame will result in a more rapid movement Current display. Animation is a set of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to produce the illusion of movement. Animation is a kind of optical illusion of motion due to the continuation of

  • Virtual Reality Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction Virtual reality typically refers to computer technologies that use software to generate actual images, sounds and other sensibility that reproduce a real environment or more like create an imaginary setting, and simulate a user 's physical public environment by enabling the user to react with this space and any objects drawn there in using expert display screens or projectors and other devices. A person using virtual reality tools is typically able to "look around" the world, move around

  • Introduction To Augmented Reality

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    INTRODUCTION Augmented reality (AR) is a view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sound, video, graphics or 3d Models, in other words, it is an overlay of computer graphics on real life objects. This paper provides a thorough introduction to this fairly new

  • Essay On Digital Imaging

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    conveys the information that constitutes the image. In all classes of digital imaging, the information is converted by image sensors into digital signals that are processed by a computer and made output as a visible-light image. For example, the medium of visible light allows digital photography with various

  • Advantages Of Image Fusion

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    improves the reliability (by redundant information) and capability of the images (by redundant information). The image fusion can be used in target reorganization, object detection, military applications, medical imaging, Industrial applications, computer vision and robotics. Following figure shows the concept of image

  • Essay On Image Enhancement

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    a specific task. In the image enhancement process, one or more attributes of the image are modified and processed. The choice of attributes and the way they will be modified are specific to a given task. Enhancement is pre processing step in some computer vision applications to ease the vision task, for example to enhance the edges of an object to facilitate guidance of robotic gripper. Enhancement is also used as pre processing step in applications where human viewing of an image is required before

  • 3d Scanner Advantages And Disadvantages

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    1. Introduction A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes an object and its surrounding environment with the aim of collecting data related to the shape, dimensions, and other exterior features and appearance (such as color, normal map of the surface, etc.). The collected data are used to reconstruction and build of the point clouds model in a wide range of industries and applications such as design and manufacturing, reverse engineering, robotics, medicine, quality control, cinema, entertainment industry

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Virus

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    /Trojan A computer virus is a malware program designed to negatively affect your computer and when it is executed, It makes various copies of itself into other computer programs, files, boot sector, etc. It also performs some other harmful activities like corrupting files, displaying images or unwanted messages, etc. It can spread rapidly on a network. These viruses also causes worth a billion of dollars of economic loss every year by increasing the maintenance cost, corrupting computer data, etc

  • Essay On Fractal

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    Although fractal geometry is closely connected with computer techniques, some people had worked on fractals long before the invention of computers. Those people were British cartographers, who encountered the problem in measuring the length of Britain coast. The coastline measured on a large scale map was approximately half the length of coastline

  • Essay On Histogram

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    Histogram Processing In Statistics, Histogram is a graphical representation showing a visual impression of the distribution of data. An Image Histogram is a type of histogram that acts as a graphical representation of the lightness/color distribution in a digital image. It plots the number of pixels for each value. The histogram of a digital image with gray levels in the range [0, L-1] is a discrete function h (rk) = nk, where rk is the kth gray level and nk is the number of pixels in the image having

  • Face Recognition Case Study

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    Professor Dept. of CSE Dept. of IT SCSVMV University SCSVMV University Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu, India Kanchipuram ,Tamil Nadu, India. ABSTRACT: Face recognition presents a challenging problem in the field of computer vision and image processing. Such has received a great deal of attention over the last few years because of its many applications in various platforms. Many researches in face recognition have been dealing with the challenge of the great variability

  • Advantages Of Blind Rivet

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    5. Introduction 6. Body 6.1 Blind rivet Blind rivet are mainly used to fast objects together where you can’t get to the back to fasten it like fastening or walls. Blind rivet get there name because you don’t need to access the rear or blind side of the joint. All of the methods you can use to fasten objects together such as screws, rivets, blots and nuts and welding are all very time consuming jobs. There is three resins for using blind rivets. It does not cost a lot for installing rivets, it is

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Histogram Equalization

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    AHE is a computer based image processing technique. It varies from ordinary histogram equalization in the respect that the adaptive method computes several histograms, each corresponding to a distinct section of the image which is used to redistribute the lightness

  • Geographic Technology: A Geographic Information System (GIS)

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    Geographic Information System (GIS) A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships. With GIS technology, people can compare the locations of different things in order to discover how they relate to each other. For example, using GIS, the same map

  • Advantage Of Augmented Reality

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    Augmented reality (AR) refers to the combination of computer generated data, such as images and sounds with stimuli from the real world. An AR system might project instructions onto the user’s eye and on top of the real world images they are seeing. This enables the user to view both at the same time. Head mounted devices (HMD) or even smart phones are used to enable viewing of the virtual world. Figure 1: Head Mounted Device used in Augmented Reality Advantages of Augmented reality: • Cost

  • Essay On Tourism In Kashmir

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    Kashmir Kashmir is one among the most preferred tourist place in India. The credit of this is to be attributed to the fact that it satisfies the demands of all kinds of people. Say, you are a nature lover, then you have many places in Kashmir which make you raise your eyebrows. Next, if you prefer adventure, then you can indulge in hiking, skiing, mountaineering and many other similar activities. Further, if you are religious-minded then you have ample of temples, shrines, and monasteries to satisfy

  • Active Pixel Sensors Advantages And Disadvantages

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    INTRODUCTION An Active Pixel Sensor (APS) is an imaging sensor which consists of an integrated circuit comprising of a collection of pixel sensors. Each pixel comprises of an active amplifier and a photodetector. Active Pixel Sensors are of many types. The most common one CMOS Active Pixel Sensor, is used in mobile phone cameras, web cameras and most DSLR cameras. This kind of an image sensor is manufactured by a CMOS or NMOS process. The conversion of light signals into electric signals is done