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  • Copyright Original Work

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    How to copyright your original work? Preface 1. Define Copyright? Copyright is a branch under intellectual property. Usually, copyright means the absolute right to an original or reproduced work. Copyright also applies to subject-matters other than the works such as sound recordings, communication signals, and performers’ performances. 2. What copyright protects? Works Copyright applies to all literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic original works that met all the conditions provided in the Copyright

  • Copyright: Should Copyright Penalties Be Tougher?

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    Have you heard the term copyright? I think yes, but you may be wonder what it means or what it does. Copyright is a form to protect your work against plagiarism or any kind of misuse. But should copyright penalties be tougher? My answer is no. Tougher laws won’t solve the problems that copyright is fighting in today’s world, like piracy. Increasing the penalties will only make the problem bigger. Like Oscar Wilde said: “the best way to get rid of temptation is drooped into it.” This means that people

  • Copyright Definition

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    2.0 Copyright 2.1 Definition of copyright According to Lee and Detta (2014), Copyright can be defined as a right to authorise the use of one’s work in a various ways. This can prevent other for taking advantage ownership of the original owner works. Copyright only exists in original works or if the work is the result of the author’s own effort and is not copied from someone else, it will be original as far as the copyright protection concerned. But the literacy or merits artistic of the work is

  • Short Essay On Copyright Analysis

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    to do certain acts in relation to rights vested in them. Copyright was the first intellectual property right which received legal recognition in the world. “The right which a person acquires in a work which is the result of his Intellectual labouris called copyright.” In ancient days, creative writers, musicians and artists wrote, composers and made their work for fame and recognition rather than to earn a living. The Importance of copyright was recognized only after the invention of printing press

  • Fair Use In Copyright: Fair Use In Copyright

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    Fair Use In Copyright Introduction The term ‘copyright’ is derived from the expression ‘copier of words’, which is first used in 1586 and the word ‘copy’ is used as back as in 1485 AD, which was used to connote a manuscript or other matter prepared for printing. Copyright in some form seems to have been recognized in ancient times. The Roman law adjudged that if one man wrote anything on the paper or parchment of another, the writing should belong to the owner of the blank material provided that

  • Copyright In Bangladesh Case Study

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    'Copyright protection of Writers and publishers in Bangladesh' As the biggest month-long book fair 'Ekushey Boi Mela' is helding, let's discuss about the rights of a writer over his creative production which is protected by law. The law which protects the right of a writer is Copyright Act, 2000. Copyright is the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. Copyright

  • The Copyright Act 1987

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    3.0 Copyright Copyright can be defined as a form of protection given to the authors or creators provided by the laws or the exclusive legal rights to reproduce, publish, distributed or sell the matter and form of something. It is prevent other from taking their work for free and it also prevents people from altering the work without permission. Unlike a patent, a copyright is not monopoly it is a right of protection against copying. Copyright is acquired by bringing a work into existence. There

  • Essay On Copyright And Plagiarism

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    Copyright and Plagiarism:- Copyright, Plagiarism and Intellectual Property right are related terms. Copyright falls under legal preview and it is not limited to books only, it also covers paintings, maps, music, drawings, designs, picture etc. The owner of the product by following the procedure get certified ownership of the product which is called copyright material or intellectual property right of the said product. When a product is marked with copyright no one else can copy the product without

  • Essay On Copyright Protection

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    Introduction: Copyright and Protection Intellectual property protections such as Patents, Copyrights, Designs, Trademarks etc. are the jurisprudences that have been developed over a long period of time. The main aim and objective behind these jurisprudences to develop was to offer protection to the different types of intellectual properties. Copyright is the right given to creators and authors to protect their literary, artistic, cinematographic works etc. Patents are supposed to protect the inventions

  • Summary: The Importance Of Copyright

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    from their intellectual property this talent need to be registered. As such copyright is crucial in these industries; Most definitely many of the businesses that comprises the entertainment industry such as book publishing, motion pictures, computer software and music are based on the ownership and use of copyrighted works. Within this article, the researcher aims to discuss what copyright is, the importance of copyright and the possible benefits of copyrighting intellectual properties as well as

  • Essay On Copyright Act

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    Copyright Act recognizes certain acts which though done by a person other than the owner of copyright would not amount to infringement of copyright. These exceptions can be pleaded in defence by the defendant in an action for infringement of copyright. Some of these exceptions are: 1. Fair dealing with any work, not being a computer programme, for the purposes of-— (i) private or personal use, including research; (ii) criticism or review, whether of that work or of any other work; (iii) the reporting

  • Copyright Law's New Makeover

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    Copyright Law’s New Makeover The ability to create, publish, and produce creative material is one of the most complex and beautiful gifts around and those who do so should have faith in the protection of their work. Copyright laws are the broadest of laws out there and are even harder to understand. Even still, they were put into place to protect the creative works of the public and punish those who infringe upon them. New technological advances are making theft of these products easier for those

  • Causes And Consequences Of Copyright

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    use of products or works protected by copyright law without permission such as music piracy, pirated movies or even stealing intellectual property is copyright infringement and those such acts are legally and socially the worst. Currently, violation of intellectual property rights which is usually the case with the music industry, brand names and movies. The law has been written to prevent several violations of copyright in most countries. Although copyright has continued to be a serious problem

  • Copyright In Intellectual Property Law

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    INTRODUCTION Copyright is one of the most important part of Intellectual Property Laws. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) defines copyright as “Copyright (or author’s right) is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.” Copyrights give the protection to the author

  • Copyright Law Research Paper

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    Generally, copyright law is concerned with the works protected from being improperly used by other parties. The protection of work is referred as an exclusive right which is granted to the copyright owner. The exclusive right of the copyright owner means that only the copyright owner is free to control and exploit the relevant rights, and prevent others from using the work without his/her consent. However, public are prohibited from excising the exclusive right of the copyright owner on a certain

  • Compulsory Licensing Under Copyright Essay

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    LICENSES UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW A license is a temporary transfer of interest in a copyright from the owner of the copyright to the licensee. In a license, the rights granted are scarce. It allows the licensee to use the copyrighted work without fearing any claim of copyright infringement brought before by the owner of the copyright. It varies from a copyright assignment as this is subject to a license agreement and also the sole ownership rests with the original owner of the copyright. An assignment

  • Copyright Law: Vanilla Ice Vs. David Bowie/Freddie Mercury

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    INTRODUCTION Now with the copyright law, Copyright Act, Chapter 63 established on 1987 with the new revised version on 2006, any author who creates their own original works automatically has the privilege to have copyright protection. Original works means works that are created with own effort and through processes of developed ideas and their whole new way to express their ideas in their final product. Not only are the works protected in their own country but also countries that signed the international

  • 4.2 Limitations Of Intellectual Property

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    (WIPO), this property is not about the copies of the work but the knowledge and information reflected in them. World Intellectual Property Organization classified these creations into industrial property (which refers to inventions, trademarks) and copyright which involved literary or artistic creations (Gilman, 2013). Illegal use of these properties may cause damage to the original authors, founders as well as to the state (Malikovna, 2015). 4.2 Limitation of Intellectual Property

  • Kwaai Movie Essay

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    pirates and the law. Digital pirating and copyright infringement in South Africa by Lizane Louw The movie “Four Corners” by Ian Gabriel, was at the center of the first court case involving digital piracy. Photo The Guardian. Downloading, distributing, selling and reproducing copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder, can land you in jail in South Africa. Hefty fines or prison time is served on those found guilty of copyright infringement. The Black Market and the

  • Industrial Property: The Four Types Of Intellectual Property

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    commerce. Intellectual property divided into two categories such as industrial property and copyright. Industrial property obtains patents for invention, trademark, industrial designs and geographical indication whereas copyright includes literary works and artistic works. Literary works such as novels, musical works and others whereas artistic works such as paintings, architectural design and others. Copyright-related rights include performing artists performing in performances, producers of phonetic