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  • Copyright Original Work

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    How to copyright your original work? Preface 1. Define Copyright? Copyright is a branch under intellectual property. Usually, copyright means the absolute right to an original or reproduced work. Copyright also applies to subject-matters other than the works such as sound recordings, communication signals, and performers’ performances. 2. What copyright protects? Works Copyright applies to all literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic original works that met all the conditions provided in the Copyright

  • Copyright: Should Copyright Penalties Be Tougher?

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    Have you heard the term copyright? I think yes, but you may be wonder what it means or what it does. Copyright is a form to protect your work against plagiarism or any kind of misuse. But should copyright penalties be tougher? My answer is no. Tougher laws won’t solve the problems that copyright is fighting in today’s world, like piracy. Increasing the penalties will only make the problem bigger. Like Oscar Wilde said: “the best way to get rid of temptation is drooped into it.” This means that people

  • Fair Use In Copyright: Fair Use In Copyright

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    Fair Use In Copyright Introduction The term ‘copyright’ is derived from the expression ‘copier of words’, which is first used in 1586 and the word ‘copy’ is used as back as in 1485 AD, which was used to connote a manuscript or other matter prepared for printing. Copyright in some form seems to have been recognized in ancient times. The Roman law adjudged that if one man wrote anything on the paper or parchment of another, the writing should belong to the owner of the blank material provided that

  • Policy To Inform Staff Of Copyright Requirements As Set Out In Copyright Act

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    Copyright Policy Purpose and Background The purpose of this Policy is to inform staff of Copyright requirements as set out in Copyright Act 1968, it can be accessed online at and specifically Division 1, Division 4A, of the Act. It is important that staff understand what they can and cannot do with materials both created within the workplace and obtained from the Internet. Copyright Statement Copyright compliance is the responsibility of each

  • Eric Flint: Copyright Property

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    Flint think that copyright gives an author property rights to his or her creation? In other words, is copyright property? Why or why not? Copyright does not imply property. Flint believes that copyright grants a creator a limited monopoly right to his/her creation, but that no actual property right is involved. Copyright is not to be used to provide a living for authors or inventors, but to set up a system that maximizes the benefits of intellectual work for the Public domain. Copyright is a privilege

  • Essay On Copyright Act

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    Copyright Act recognizes certain acts which though done by a person other than the owner of copyright would not amount to infringement of copyright. These exceptions can be pleaded in defence by the defendant in an action for infringement of copyright. Some of these exceptions are: 1. Fair dealing with any work, not being a computer programme, for the purposes of-— (i) private or personal use, including research; (ii) criticism or review, whether of that work or of any other work; (iii) the reporting

  • The Copyright Act 1987

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    3.0 Copyright Copyright can be defined as a form of protection given to the authors or creators provided by the laws or the exclusive legal rights to reproduce, publish, distributed or sell the matter and form of something. It is prevent other from taking their work for free and it also prevents people from altering the work without permission. Unlike a patent, a copyright is not monopoly it is a right of protection against copying. Copyright is acquired by bringing a work into existence. There

  • Pandora, Copyright Royalty Board, And Soundexchange

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    the digital frontier. Since then, tech companies and copyright owners have debated performance royalty rates extensively and the cost of a song played in its ephemeral form has defined revenues for many webcasters. Pandora is a webcaster positioned in the middle of the old and new music industry

  • Koon: Ethics And Copyright In Graphic Design

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    3-1 Discussion: Ethics and Copyright in Graphic Design On this discussion I’m torn on this subject (as it pertains to Koons). As a designer we look at different things for inspiration: books, magazines, ads, prints, other artists, anything that will inspire us to create. There are times when you look at someone’s work and it reminds you of something you have already seen. You might say to yourself or out loud: “that reminds me of...” or “that looks a lot like _____work?” Is it plagiarism? Or appropriation

  • Copyright Law's New Makeover

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    Copyright Law’s New Makeover The ability to create, publish, and produce creative material is one of the most complex and beautiful gifts around and those who do so should have faith in the protection of their work. Copyright laws are the broadest of laws out there and are even harder to understand. Even still, they were put into place to protect the creative works of the public and punish those who infringe upon them. New technological advances are making theft of these products easier for those

  • The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB)

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    those who wish to use the work for the purpose of generating profits. The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) is responsible for setting the streaming-music royalty rate. The CRB is a division of the Library of Congress in the Copyright Office. Three judges are appointed by the Librarian of Congress to serve on the CRB. The main role of the CRB is to determine the rate services pay for statutory licenses created under copyright law. The CRB has set new streaming-music rates for 2016 at 17 cents per 100

  • Copyright Law In 1790 By George Washington

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    Copyright Law was signed in 1790 by George Washington. Copyright law protect creative efforts in order to encourage the growth of human knowledge. “Copyright is what protects original works of many kinds from being wrongly duplicated and distributed”. You own the right of any image, music and written stuff, you make during a freelance assignment unless you have agreed to sell some or all of the rights to the client. You can register a copyright, There is a procedure for registering your materials

  • Argumentative Essay On American Copyright Law

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    Argumentative Research Paper Research Plan 1. My argument for this essay is that American Copyright law is stifling creativity within the video entertainment industry. I picked this topic because I see many promising projects within video streaming sites like YouTube drop because of micro infringements of intellectual property. This halts innovative content from spreading to the public and sometimes even collapses entire channels that do not intend to plagiarize content. This leaves channels to

  • Section 411: Brief History Of US Copyright Law

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    The concept of copyright is neither new nor cast in stone in its meaning and interpretation; copyright law is directly connected to the ever changing march of technology. The beginning of the technological revolution and an example for the need of a copyright law began in 1436 with the Gutenberg movable typeset printing press. Before Gutenberg’s invention, the total number of books in all of Europe was in the thousands, with in fifty years, this figure changed to approximately ten million in which

  • What Is Negativland False The Copyright Law?

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    the song “ I Still Haven’t found What I’m looking for,” by the band U2, and various other artists. Negativland was sued and charged with a fine for copyright infrigement. Although some may believe that they were wrongfully accsed to create the song and album cover, however I affirm the decision of the lower court that Negativland violated the copyright law. Negativland should not be able to produce or sell anymore albums pertaining to the album they created in the case of Negativland v. U2. In the

  • Copyright Act Of 1976 Essay

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    Copyright gives the authors the sole rights to use the work done by them, so that others can’t copy the content stated by them.Whereas it has the exception known as fair use which gives the reasonable permit for the use of work done by others without any compensation to be paid to author. To resolve the disputes regarding fair use of copyright content The Copyright Act of 1976 includes for factors which help the judges to easily fix these issues. 1) The purpose and character of use, including whether

  • Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy

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    Copyright piracy is a serious issue in today’s society, copyright piracy is the unauthorized reproduction of another one’s work such as music, books, and movies. During this essay, I will analyze the film “Good Copy Bad Copy” and compare it to two articles “Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy” and “Digital Piracy and The Copyright Response.” The main issues that are raised in the film “Good Copy Bady Copy” are the conflicts that have arisen between current copyright laws and recent

  • Who Is Martha Guilty Of Copyright Infringement?

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    To me Martha is guilty maybe not of plagiarism, but of copyright infringement. I believe she is guilty of copyright infringement because even though she cited her work she still did not receive permission from the original person. The reasons I chose the answer I chose is because after looking at the definitions you can make a guess. Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. But because she didn’t copy the words or even take some and rephrase

  • Copyright Lawsuit: Kidd Williams Vs. Donald Glover

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    n 2018, a copyright lawsuit was filed against Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, and his team for allegedly copying the hit song "This Is America" from a track titled "Made in America" by rapper Kidd Wes. The case raised questions about the extent of protection for original works of art, the importance of attribution, and the value of fair use. The controversy began when Kidd Wes accused Donald Glover and his collaborators of stealing the melody, rhythm, and lyrics of "Made in America"

  • What Are The Ethics And Legal Issues In Canada What Do You Do To Protect Copyright

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    what do you have to do to protect copyright? Original literary, artistic, dramatic, or musical works are protected by Copyright. Copyright refers to the legal rights granted to creators for their artistic and literary works. A work can be an artistic piece, written material, music, drama, computer program, recording, or performance. In Canada, copyright protection exists automatically once a work is created and fixed in material form. By registering your copyright with the Canadian Intellectual Property