Equestrianism Essays

  • Evolution Of Horse Racing

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    Horses have been around for almost as long as anyone can remember and have been used for numerous reasons. Horses were used in the past as transportation to get from one place to another and they were used as work horses to plant fields. Horses have also been used to fight in wars also. Nowadays people use horses for more recreational reasons that include but are not limited to showing, trail riding, work, and racing. Racing has been around for many years in other countries but had recently only

  • Western Roping Saddle

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    Western Roping Saddle The Western Roping Saddle has been used for centuries by the cowboys of the Old West. Today, it can be seen being used by cattle ranchers and also rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. This saddle is able to withstand all types of weather conditions due to its durable leather design. The rider can ride for long periods of time without feeling much discomfort compared to other saddles. The saddle is large and heavy enough to withstand roping and towing of livestock. Figure 1 shows the

  • Horse Related Risk

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    Australian researchers suggest there is widespread recognition of the risks posed by riding horses, but a high degree of acceptance, complacency or inaction around accidents. The researchers, Kirrilly Thompson, Paul McGreevy, and Phil McManus, said the recommended strategy for encouraging behaviors that cut horse-related risk would be to reduce the risks. “With very little exception, a focus on the causes and consequences of horse-related injury rather than prevention, could lead to researchers

  • Informative Speech On Horse Racing

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    There are many different types of horses and they each do different things. I’m going to tell you about beautiful horses in the world and you’re going to learn a lot about them. Horse racing is a sport. It is actually played or ran by thousands, even millions of people. Some people do not count it as a sport but it is! Just like cheer, they say it isn’t but, it is. Before we get started there is one vocabulary word you need to know and that is a Jockey it is someone who rides the horse during the

  • The Value Of Competitive Horse Riding

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    Essay- competing on horses Horses are great creatures with amazing talent. There are many topics that i 'm going to cover, the history of horses,the competitive pressure that is put on horses, the danger of horse riding and the cost of competitive horse riding. I am a horse rider that is generally concerned about the danger of competing on horses and the price people are having to pay to even start horses riding let alone to compete on them. History on horses Horses are animals that have been

  • Personal Narrative: The Derby Horse

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    The first day of the derby weekend is the Kentucky Oaks which consists of fillies only. The winner of the Kentucky Oaks race wins a garland of lilies thus being called “Lilies for the Fillies.” Again, because only female horses race this day, spectators are encouraged to wear pink. My family’s traveling group, Inspirato, sponsored one of the early races of the Kentucky Oaks. Consequently, our club sponsored the race, all of the members of Inspirato were allowed in the paddock which is centered

  • Horseback Riders Research Paper

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    Knowing how a horseback rider rides could help a person choose who to take their horse to for training. Every rider uses a different technique, and no rider rides the exact same. There are riders that are patient, some that are impatient, and the others that ride according to the horse’s temperament. Horseback riders that are patient take their time with horses. They build a bond with that horse, and take the time to feel what that horse is also feeling. The more gentle that they are with a horse

  • Gypsy Vanner Research Paper

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    Alvin Allen Mr.Bergmann Senior English 4 September 2015 Gypsy Vanner’s and the Mustang’s Have you heard of a Gypsy Vanner, or maybe a mustang like the one in the childrens movie Spirit? The Gypsy Vanner and the Mustangs are two of the many unique horse breeds known to man and have been added to a top ten list of the best breeds around. Which is the better horse the Vanner or the Mustang? They are both dominant breeds that are bred for specific reasons, so let’s break it down and see who comes out

  • Bingo Research Paper

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    We arrive at Herrick twenty five minutes before my horseback lesson, scheduled for eight in the morning. My coach, Kathy, wants me in the ring, on my horse at eight. As I walk across the ranch yard, Kathy sees me and calls out "You 're on Bingo." Bingo. I am riding that sweet old boy. Though he may not be the favorite of the stable, he is my favorite. Though I had ridden him many times before, nothing we had previously done would prepare me for the terrifying adventure to come. Upon entering the

  • Ponies: Similarities And Differences

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    Horses The horse galloped across the plain at 25 miles per hour. It’s burgundy hair flowed in the wind. The horse’s large muscles flexed to the steady beat; ba da bum dum, ba da bum dum. Horses vs. Ponies There are many similarities between horses and ponies, but there are also many differences. Here are a few things that both ponies and horses share in common. For example, they both are equines. (Equus Cabullus) Also, ponies can

  • Games In The Gladiators

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    The action itself had enough tension and spirit just like in a war. Chariot-races and horseback competitions were perhaps the oldest form of sport in Rome. Race enthusiasts gathered to see dedicated men and their animals battle it out for the finish line amidst the cheers from the crowds. In the book, chariots are vividly described. The length to which the charioteers went to prepare for the races is highlighted. The horses are also described, especially in the manner in which they were arranged

  • Personal Narrative-My Relationship With Scho White

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    It was a cool September evening when I stepped off the trailer. My partner followed me down the ramp and immediately looked at the surrounding landscape. My partner was a young, gray Warmblood mare called Scho White. Scho White had come to me just one year previously as an untrained and untrusting animal. In that year, I had gained the mare’s trust and formed a relationship. There are many people who would claim that one cannot form a relationship with a horse. These are the people who do not understand

  • Informative Speech On Horses

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    Have you ever seen something with four hooves? It could've been a horse.This is going to tell you about these majestic animals. Have you ever wonderd where a horse lives? Depending on the type of horse is where they live. For example, an American Quarter horse can live on ranches, Mustangs can live out in the wild and Pinto horse can be found in a pasture. They can live all over the world. If they live out in the wild their enviroment can be diffrent. In the wild they can have trees

  • Riding Horse Research Paper

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    “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways.” – John Wayne. Riding horses can always be a terrifying or calm moment, depending on the horse you ride. I have had many scary moments riding horse, one being breaking my wrist. There is nothing more enjoyable than rising early, saddling your horse, and watching the sun rise. Did you know horses have one of the best memories and are the most perceptive domestic animals? This is why people would call me a nerd in horses because I can name

  • Essay On Police Horses

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    In May 1873 the Parliament of Canada established the first central police force originating of 275 members, 150 of these members were sent to west Manitoba where the new police force acquired the name “North- West Mounted Police.” By 1855 the force had grown to 1000 men but in 1896 its future was threatened by the newly elected Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier who decided that he was to reduce the recently formed army. However in more recent years in spite of the 2nd world war police mounted horses

  • Horse Racing Research Paper

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    It has been over a month since American Pharaoh captured the imagination of horse racing fans in American by winning the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes) of horse racing. By any stretch of the imagination, it is impossible to measure the positive impact his success has had on a racing industry that was dying a slow death. The only thing that is certain is things feel a bit different and there is hope in the air. Desperately Seeking a Hero After the 1970s saw three horses

  • Steer Wrestling Research Paper

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    Steer wrestling is an event involving a Corriente steer weighing at least 450 pounds and a man who most likely weighs less than half that amount. “It’s highly improbable that a man could injure a steer during the steer wrestling event,” said Dr. Doug Corey, a large animal veterinarian from Pendleton, Oregon(as cited in PRCA, 2015). A cowboy who hopes to win at steer wrestling must employ the utter most finesse. Steer wrestling involves careful positioning and leverage to enable the animal to be placed

  • Quarter Horses Research Paper

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    Have you ever wondered where different breeds of horses originated from? There are over 350 breeds of horses in the world. They go from two feet tall to roughly seven feet tall. Horses are a very useful animal when it comes to almost anything. About a third of the horses in the world are used for recreational use. Horses are bred for many different things like work, thickness of the body, speed, and color. Quarter horses got their name for being able to sprint fast in a quarter mile. They also are

  • High Rodeo

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    There once was a young girl who loved rodeo with her heart, her horses were her unsurpassed friends in the world. Ordinarily, she would wake up early just to practice all of her events which include barrels, poles, goats, breakaway, team roping and ribbon roping. Due to, she strived to achieve her goal of the Jr. High National Finals Rodeo, due to the fact that it was her last year in Jr. High Rodeo. Skylar was her name and she rode horses all throughout her life. Furthermore, she connected with

  • Race Horse Training Essay

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    Racehorse Trainer Patience, love and commitment is needed to train these amazing horses, so be prepared and you’ll see and learn that the most and satisfying animals can be skillfully with the help of clever trainers. So let’s get ready to hurtle around, because there is no fooling around in this job. Now let’s make these anxious mare/colt gallop in this early cool sunrise (Clip-Clop, Clip-Clop). Adjust those bridles and halters, just be prepared because those horses don’t always wake up to a good