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  • Walter White Fandom In Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad

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    From fan-made movies to memes, the fandom that surrounds the television show Breaking Bad is one rich in creativity. Like other fan cultures, the Breaking Bad fandom has a way of ‘poaching’ the original text and reconstructing it in order to relay certain ideas and ideologies that may not have been intended. In this essay, I will analyze the fandom that surrounds the television show Breaking Bad, how I participate and interact in this particular replay culture, and how gender roles and norms are

  • Why Do Social Outcasts Criticize Bronies?

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    growth in mainstream recognition, a sizeable negative reaction against the Brony fandom exists. A number of media outlets openly criticize Bronies as social outcasts who are attracted to a “deviant lifestyle.” Several pundits say they feel confusion and disgust at the notion of young adult men enjoying something marketed toward young girls between the ages of four and ten. As Madeline Davies points out, the fandom does not receive a lot positive reports about their events from either the media or

  • Cheerleading Persuasive Speech

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    Nothing to Cheer About Many people now consider cheer a sport but is that enough to change the minds of the Universal Cheer Assocation? Even though cheerleading has been around for quite a while many people still do not consider it a sport. The disorganization and sexism in the past kept it segregated from other sports making people believe it does not qualify for the title of a sport. In the recent years it has been up for debate to be part of the Olympics after 2020, so does that not mean it is

  • Informative Essay About Cosplay

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    Adolescents and Young Adults”, Marjorie Cohee Manifold explains how cosplayers seek other’s advice, stating that “Whether they created exact copies or adaptations of an original artist’s work, fanartists and cosplayers turned to peers in real life or online fandom for advice about composition, shading, sewing, and special effects” (265). From this, a cosplayer learns and grows both as an artist and as a person. Cosplay, as well as the community, can transform a cosplayer. As a friend, Nallely Mosher, had said

  • Cosplaying In Popular Culture

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    Everyone likes to use his or her Imagination and creativity. Everyone who is either young or old enjoys the exercise of using his or her own mind and this is a kind of exercise which can be found in what is called "cosplaying". A perfect way for people to improve their imagination is by wearing the costumes of their favorite fictional character at Comic-con or SacAnime(Anime convention in Sacramento). People choose their favorite fictional character by two things an Anime show or a graphic novel

  • The Importance Of A Media Fan

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    A media Fan is seen as a subject that is trivialized and dismissed and so this essay will investigate how a fan is a ‘complex and contradictory arena for critical enquiry’ A fan is depicted to be obsessed, lonely and false worshippers but fans can be more than that as they can be active producers that develop their own meanings from the media. This essay will discuss how fans are seen as destructive and deviant as well as how they can be useful textual poachers who construct their own culture from

  • Arguments Against Fandoms

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    in their fandom is detrimental to their character. Some complaints used in this battle include the criticism of “social justice warrior” behavior, the thought that fans are disconnected with real life, and the belief that fandoms have nothing to give back to the individuals involved in it. However, fandoms are shown to provide support in the people 's lives who are involved with them. Disapproval for “social justice warrior” action is a common trait that people who are against fandoms share. A social

  • Pros And Cons Of Furry Fandom

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    Furry Fandom (FF): a leash of self-image and social discrimination against minority groups. As society grows, opinions will differ as our society is integrated based on different perspectives, mindsets, and cultures which differs from one another (Anthony., 1997, P.2). However, sometimes people would extremize their exhibition of their repulsive behavior, or "social control" against minority groups (Lamm & Schaefer, 1998. P.185-186), which the Furry Fandom is an example. In Foreign

  • Fandom Research Paper

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    A dedicated and supportive fandom is the basis for a healthy and fulfilling musical career. In our society, a fandom can make or break the success of an artist. Two very popular fandoms in our industry today would be the Beyonce fandom A.K.A, The Beyhive, and the Justin Bieber fandom, or Beliebers. Beyonce has been around since the late 90’s and her fan base has only grown stronger with time. Though Justin Bieber came on the scene later in 2009 he has accumulated a very large group of dedicated fans

  • Cult Fandom Analysis

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    Cult Fandom This picture shows Dylan and Eric walking through the cafeteria. By this time they had removed their trench coats which had been used to conceal their weapons and they are carrying their guns in their hands, looking for potential targets. As hard as it may be to believe Dylan and Eric have become cult figures, some people even idolize them. The boys have become unlikely heroes especially for teenagers who feel alienated and angry with the world. They are seen by their fans as heroic

  • Pop Culture: The Influence Of Fandom Culture

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    The presence of fandom culture cannot be denied because according to the book Cultural Economy of Fandom, “fandom is a common feature of the popular culture in industrial societies” (Fiske 1992, 30). Scholars have struggled in assigning a general academic description for fandom. Fiske’s study suggested that fandom has something to do with cultural formations. The idea of relating fandom with cultural formations led Fiske to define the fans or the member of the fandom as productive, active, and

  • Media Assessment: Popular Culture

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    We have seen fandoms from way back in the era of the ‘Beatles’ to now where we see many fandoms from multiple genres of the media era (Cosplay, television shows, celebrity’s and singers). A fandom can develop around any part of social curiosity or activity. Sherlock Holmes has been named to be have one of the very first serious modern fandoms which was around the 1890’s (“Fandom” Wikipedia; pt. 1). But in the more modern day scheme of things there are various fandoms. One strong fan base

  • Venetia Robertson's Suppositions Of Bronies

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    That paradox presents a dilemma for many people who cannot comprehend how gender is not a fixed definition and how people have a tendency to polarize their notions of gender. One of the ways opposition to the fandom accomplishes this accusation of deviancy is by suggesting Bronies are the problem rather than the media text. Claims stating that the show is not meant for men are, as Jones indicates, a supporting point the opposition uses to rationalize their

  • The 100 Movie Analysis

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    GROUNDBREAKING FEMINISM IN THE CW'S ‘THE 100' : 3.Fandom Wikia, Clarke Griffin: 4.Fandom Wikia, Raven Reyes: 5.Fandom Wikia, Blood must have blood(part 2) : 6.Fandom Wikia, John Murphy: 7.Fandom Wikia, Octavia Blake: 8.Handout 3 9.Handout

  • Essay On Homophily

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    Overview On an average school day, I would use less time intensive media like YouTube, Google and mobile games. They are typically consumed on portable devices like laptop, ipad and smart phone for a maximum of one hour per session in school. On an average weekend, I would use more time intensive media like Tumblr, Touken Ranbu and anime/shows at home. These time intensive media are consumed on the desktop. On average, I usually spend about 5 hours on Touken Ranbu and 3 hours on Tumblr. The majority

  • Cath In Rainbow Furnell's Fangirl

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    reader feel good. That is what the last third of this book is: fluff. And after the emotional arc of the first two-thirds, it is much needed. If someone is looking for a light read that will give them a new perspective on something, whether it be fandom, isolation, or romance, then Fangirl is a good

  • The Role Of The Internet In Fan Fiction

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    was in the year 1939 when the term fan fiction first used by the sci-fi community to distinguish amateur sci-fi fiction from professional fiction or ‘pro-fiction’. Later on, in 1944, John ‘Jack’ Bristo Speer, the first noted fan historian, edited a fandom encyclopedia where he used the term fan fiction to formally refer to stories published in ordinary fan magazines or fanzines. With the emergence of new media, different fan activities soon shifted to the Internet (Reich, July

  • Essay On Sexism In Sport

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    Sports and soccer are social practices, which provide us a wide range of social interaction with a lot of passion and emotion. If we think about soccer and fandom, most of the people would picture a man, drinking beer and supporting the team, he is passionate about. Actually, this image is common, but according to Tofoletti (2013), female fans are more or less ignored, indeed “historical studies have demonstrated the exclusion of women from many sports and their highly restrictive participation in

  • Modest ! And Syco's Argumentative Analysis

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    deal with Modest! and Syco has been less than ideal. Keep in mind these four men are all in a boyband, majority of which 's fans are young girls in their early or mid-teens (there are older fans too, obviously, especially in the Larrie part of the fandom) and being gay is unfortunately seen as a huge problem by some in the

  • My Little Pony Research Paper

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    Before i start for those who don't know My little pony: Friendship is magic is a children's animated fantasy televirion series produced by Hasbro studios and DHX Media Vancouver. The series is based on Hasbro's My little pony line of toys and animated works and is often referred by collectors to be the fourth generation or "G4" of the My Little Pony franchise. The series premiered on October 10, 2010, on The Hub Cable channel. Hasbro selected animator Lauren Faust as the creative director and executive